Date: 1st December 2009 at 11:43pm
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It`s unusual for Wenger to give too much away about his transfer window intentions but he has openly declared that he is in the market for a forward to try to plug the gap left by van Persie`s absence for the season.

‘I didn’t feel we were in the need to buy anybody but we will be out on the market that is for sure now. However we will only make a decision if it suits us.’ Arsene said.

Replacing someone of van Persie`s stature is difficult enough at anytime. The more limited opportunities in January windows only adds to the difficulty. Arsene expressed an interest in Chamakh last season but the deal went sour as the offer made was declined and the Bordeaux chairman, by his own admission, put an inflated price tag on the player. They have since said that they wouldn`t let him go in January as they are still in the CL and currently topping the French League. Therefore letting a key player go would be counterproductive. Of course there must be a price at which it makes sense for them but that might not make sense for Arsenal. You`d expect that a little too much water has passed under the bridge on that one.

I`d imagine that the club`s need is for someone who could come in and do a job straightaway in which case some of the players being linked, such as 19 year old Balotelli from Inter might be seen as too raw for the task. Many of those we might consider as having the right level of experience and expertise are going to be wondering what the prospects of playing after the return of RvP will be.

Ferguson used Henrik Larsson as a stop gap, with some success, when faced with a similar dilemma a few seasons back. In the same vein Ian Wright has suggested we might consider using Ruud van Neighstelroy to gallop ahead of our midfield but surely that’s less likely than Nick Griffin being asked to join the Socialist Workers Party. Myles Palmer`s assertion that Henry would be rejoining the club on loan in January is only slightly less absurd – isn’t it? It`s not really Wenger`s way to look for short term remedies but at the moment he must be open to any practical solution.

The return of Bendtner sometime this month will increase our options but the interest is as much in how as it is in who. Does he solve what might be a short term problem – if half a season can be considered short term – with a short term solution or does he take a longer view? Does a longer view necessarily raise questions about the future of other of our existing forwards this summer or is that a question for another time? What matters most is a solution that works instantly – there are very few of those to be had.

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