Date: 26th March 2007 at 8:31pm
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It’s internationals week, news is scarce, people are being bored within inches of their lives by mundane, dull and boring football. Time for lazy hacks to fabricate some news.

After Danny Fiszman sold a percentage of his shares, rumblings began occurring here there and everywhere, Gooners began to worry that the club would be sold to the highest bidder.

A few weeks later and share prices rocket amidst rumours that Arsenal football club is up for sale.

With Arsenal’s footballing partnership with the Colarado Rapids recently being cemented, the inevitable rumours of the Rapids owner (and Billionaire to boot) Stan Kroenke wanting to buy Arsenal (or at least a stake in the club) have surfaced.

However Mr Kroenke’s company have moved swiftly to rubbish these rumours, setting Arsenal hearts at ease, at least for the time being.

Jurgen Mainka, senior director of communications and international business at Colorado Rapids, said: ‘At this point, there is no interest or intention from KSE in buying any shares or any pieces of Arsenal Football Club or any club in the English Premier League.’

‘There certainly is no substance to these stories and rumours in the media which indeed started when we first announced our commercial relationship with Arsenal Football Club.’

Arsenal Football Club is currently valued at around £700 million (a bit more than the quid Ken Bates paid for Chelsea eh?) and as such would take an Abramovich size bank account to prize the club from the hands of the current owners.

And I for one hope it never happens.


37 Replies to “Arsenal Won’t Follow Liverpool”

  • Good to hear! But someone from the Arsenal board should really clarify just to set the fans hearts at ease. At the moment no one really know wether Danny Fitzman will sell his share or not, plus ITV.

  • I’m glad this current rumour has been dismissed, but I don’t think it will be too long before another appears.

  • I have little, scratch that, I have no knowledge what so ever about shares, stocks and such. It would be appreciated of any fans on the forum with a genuie insight into financial dealings could write some kind of report/article about this subject.

  • The shares are unlisted .. Your in the same boat as spurs when the evil Scholar showed up!! Thats all you need to know.. Shares in private ownership are governed by the laws or rules of the privately held company.. But the shareholders can vote to change the rules. IE Your safe unless someone who has a better than 51% stake wants to sell

  • I hate the fact that people come into clubs and run them as businesses instead of football clubs. Some people may argue that a football club is a business but the football should always be the main concern!

  • rocky are you in charge of articles on here??? If so will you please have a look at my attempt! It is my fist try hope you like it! thanks…..

  • Nozzy – welcome to the year 2007 – not including the one with the billionaire sugar daddy how are the london clubs WITHOUT stadium sponsorship doing financially and/or in the prem?

  • The two principle names are Oleg Deripaska, and the DIC. The former now Russia’s richest man, the latter a holding and investment company for one of the Princes of Dubai. As I think they already own Emirates Airlines, then they already have a substantial commerical investment. Deripaska would undoubtedly regard it as a place to dump equity offshore as there would be little need for capital investment (bricks and mortar) and the club has a steady and strong cashflow. The DIC interest would be less easy to consider. The reason why Liverpool were attractive was because they were about to develop their infrastructure. As Arsenal have a new ground there is less scope for syngeries with existing business. I don’t think Arsenal’s shares float freely on the LSE market, but like all takeovers, any bidder once they reached 29.9% could lauch a formal takeover. Different shareholders won’t receive the same price – I guess it depends on how desperate each one is – but once a bidder gets to 75% they can unilaterally force the remaining shareholders to accept. It probably won’t cost £700m as each shareholder will sell at a different price, and the bid will also have to consider the absorption of the £390m stadium dept. It is likely to result in a bid of £350m-£400m equity plus absorption of debt structured purchase if it ever occured

  • I strongly hope a takeover doesn’t happen, but with all of our major shareholders over 60 and a number not really involved in the running of the club, I fear it is a matter of time.

  • Actually Sir_Harry .. You are wrong on the 29% point. In a privately held company.. Its got to be 51% .. Thats how Scholar got round the Spurs debencher system .. He quietly bought them all up until he could take control .. Then floated us and made mess!!

  • All I know about financial matters is that Stella is £2.10 a pint down my local. But I scincerley hope the club continues down the avenue it is currently on regarding business matters, but as with LD, it’s probably only a matter of time 🙁

  • Well we will all be keeping our fingers crossed that you will all be ok!! And you dont get bought and it is all turned into a massive mess !! But if does go tits up I am sure you will here the cheer from WHL

  • Well, from what I know, the board members still hold 60% of the shares, which means that even if ITV sell their 9% stake, we still wouldnt be the subject of a takeover !! And they have stated clearly they are holding on for now. What concerns me (and a few others, I suppose) is that we dont know who is buying these shares – is it one person, or several people?

  • Btw Sir_Harry, where did u get those 2 names, and link them to arsenal? As cusop said, arsenal aint listed, so any takeover will not go the same route as ManU. The process will be different. Plus you only need a 25% stake on the arsenal board to have a veto on any decision.

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