Date: 2nd June 2006 at 8:03pm
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Arsenal will not face any sanctions from UEFA after a spokesperson admitted ‘They were powerless to act’

Arsenal are to be investigated into the possible breach of some sort of rule, although nobody seems to know what that rule is, but will not face any action from UEFA.

A spokesperson for the organisation admitted their hands are tied over the incident as no rule appears to have been broken. The official also said the situation would have to be looked at.

‘These are all issues which will need to be solved in the interests of the game because you can break no rule and no law but at the same time most fans would acknowledge that there is a problem here.’

Another interesing piece of information passed to me seems to suggest our club has comitted no offence reads,

‘Although Uefa have rules which prevent any club owners from owning more than 50 per cent in another club playing in the same competition, there are no FA, Fifa or Uefa rules which stop one club or club official lending money to another club or their directors’

It’s thought prevoking that we are seemingly being damned from all angles, yet no-one can answer the question ‘What are you damning us for?’

Everyone is angry about the situation, but they’re not too sure why.

Arsenal have also been cleared of any illegal offences and will not face criminal charges, even though Vital Spurs preposterously suggested Arsenal were being investigated for ‘serious fraud and money laundering’. Come on lads, get your facts straight.


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  • Good news without a doubt, but thats not to say we wont face Fifa or FA sanctions………however this is extremly unlikely.

  • True alphieblues – But this isn’t smoke, merely a substance people are mistaking for smoke.

  • What I don’t get is that people slaunder us without the facts, what happened to innocent till proven guilty?!, the media and others need to get their facts right before they rave on about us having wrong doing.

  • The FA have apparently asked FIFA to explain what rule Arsenal have broken. This story was broken to ensure Dein lost the FA vote, it has Spuds and Chelski all over it as the Belgian police investigation was closed in 2002. Beveren have also stated Arsenal had no control or ownership.

    The questions I’d like answered are:

    a) Do Arsenal owe AESO £500,000 as claimed for Toure.

    b) The loan appears to have allowed Guillou set up a joint venture to bring Ivory Coast players into Beveren did Arsenal receive a return on the transfer fees of these players.

    c) Was the money repaid.

    d) Was Eboue’s transfer in line with FA and UEFA regulations

    e) Arsenal should in future publish details of transfers to demonstrate no wrong doings.

    f) FIFA should investigate ownership structures throughout football e.g. ENIC and Spurs and Abramovich and Corinthians

  • FIFA can only act once they have a report from the FA……..Oh they asked the FA to make a report!

  • well looks like dein has left his post at the FA according to this evenings teletext

  • Seems like some people are out on the loose to prove a point through some “other means” after all other avenues returned zilch results.

  • 1 – Arsenal set up a company to take over another club in secret and invest in it
    2- In return for the money Beveren took several players from an Ivory Coast academy, which was run by a friend of Wenger and part-financed by Wenger
    3 – Wenger profited from transfers from the Ivory Coast academy and Beveren, including that of Toure and Eboue

  • On the basis that ENIC own shares in at least 2 other clubs playing in the UEFA Cup (Basel, Rangers) does that mean Spurs can’t play in europe?

  • Arsenal didnt set up a company, they loaned the money to a thrid party to set the company up…….the important word there “loaned” which means we get the money back, which means we own nothing!!!

  • Own nothing? How about a club image steadily decaying to rust. They might as well have used galleons to transport the players from Ivory Coast? You can smell the catfood in this deal clear across the ocean. If this keeps up, Arsenal will be lucky to play in the Championship, let alone Champions League. Looks like the streets of Islington will again run as brown and fetid as they did back in February. Good show, chaps!

  • The Belgian authorities conclude that GOAL is not a company that would have a website, its just a consortium set up with Arsenals money and owned by Arsenal (they have majority shares because Dein used Arsenals money) and they took over Beren. They are not a company more of a front for Arsenal/Dein. Problem is Dein used Arsenals money not his own so the buck stops with Arsenal not him :S

  • I’ve had it with these misinformed spuds which was based on unfounded poor journalism. Beveren were going bust, Goal a consortium who owned the Ivory Coast Acadamy needed a way to get players into the european game. Arsenal’s interest was a chance to loan reserve players for experience and the potential to sign Ivory Coast players. Manchester United have a similar arrangement with Royal Antwerp. Arsenal had no ownership of Beveren and evidently no say over the players involved although they were able to buy Eboue other players have been sold all over Europe. Now you might feel Arsenals involvement in such a venture is unpleasant but ultimately we don’t have £350 million to spend on players in one season. The loan has been repaid and the venture ends in July 06. Beveren are in dispute with Guillou and the Ivory Coast club. No rules have been broken whether Arsenal should have leant money to a consortium involved in African footballers thats probably more pertinant.

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