Date: 8th November 2006 at 2:50pm
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The FA have charged both Alan Pardew & Arsene Wenger for improper conduct following the great Upton Park dust up.

A statement issued by the FA said,

West Ham United manager Alan Pardew and Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger have both been charged with improper conduct. The charges relate to their alleged aggressive and confrontational behaviour towards the end of the match at Upton Park on Sunday, November 5.


18 Replies to “Arsenal – Wenger Charged By FA”

  • Wenger has come close to touchline fights with Pardew, Jol and Ferguson! Hardly out of charachter, he’s just a really REALLY bad loser!! Needs to grow up and learn to apologise!!

  • Bad loser? or VERY passionate manager….Sometimes emotions get out of hand when you care so much for something. People are already condemning Wenger before he’s released an official statement….like what everyone did to Zisou before we all found out the crap Mater-nazi spouted at him to set him off. It’s still no excuse to fly off the handle, but in the heat of battle, pushing certain buttons can set even the most mild mannered manager, coach, player or fan off the deep end. I’d really like to know what Pardew said to Wenger aside from the over-the-top celebration…I couldn’t read lips. Just interested in knowing that’s all…it doesn’t change the fact that the reaction from both managers was inappropriate.

  • Zidine deserved to be sent off. As a professional he should be above taunting and baiting unless its racist in nature and in that case it wasn’t. Whilst certain actions in the heat of the moment occur, the lack of any contrition since is puzzling from Wenger. And you will occasionally get managers who will over react due to exuberance … invading someone’s personal space hardly warranted that reaction.

  • Nothing wrong with jumping up and down when your team scores…but it’s out of order to get in the other gaffers face…..I suggest two sound-proofed huts seperated by a barbed wire fence……

  • Notice how the yids are always claiming that Wenger is a bad loser…??…..You just don’t understand do you ??….its because he is not really used to it !!!!!!!!…perhaps he should come down the lane and see if he can get hold of some old work reports of great Spurs managers of the past , there are bound to be some tips on how to lose gracefully…what to say to sky TV after the match etc….***** me they should know because the six managers that have been at the lane since AW has been at Arsenal, have lost over 150 premier league matches between them….must be some useful tips on loosing with more style there……

  • Quote Baldy…Wenger has come close to touchline fights with… Jol … he’s just a really REALLY bad loser…end quote.
    Thought you were smarter than that Baldy. Wenger, loser, against Jol. Don’t make me give you a history lesson again…….

  • What is the matter with the FA? the whole world could see that it was W***** Wenger that started the problem in the first place, Pardew is also guity but only guilty for apologising, by apologising he has put himself in the frame, Wenger should be banned!

  • I do not contest this charge at all, both managers were out of order. But I would really like to hear Wenger’s take on it, I would also like to know exactly what Pardew said.

  • both under pressure.. handbags at dawn…. the fa have dealt their decision.. time to move on I think… getting a bit boring now…………

  • i don’t care what the FA does, they have shown time and time again what effin muppets they are… get their own house in order before telling others how to run theirs.. i mean, if they could just give the refs a bit more consitency in their rulings, then the old farts might be more respected.

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