Date: 2nd April 2007 at 12:53pm
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This time last year Arsenal were preparing to take on the mighty Juventus, Oh what a difference a year makes.

With Arsenal making an unusually early exit from both Champions League and FA Cup, the rival supporters are left singing ‘You’re gunna win f**k all’ and the even more amusing ‘Arsenal, Watching Eastenders’, so it is with this in mind that Vital Arsenal provides you with the ultimate tv viewing guide for the rest of the week.

Ok, so on Tuesday night instead of facing Liverpool for the 5th time this season, PSV take our place leaving us clutching the tv guide.

So what’s on on Tuesday.


7.00 – 7.30 ITV – Emmerdale Farm
7.30 – 8.00 BBC1 – Eastenders
8.00 – 9.00 BBC1 – Holby City
9.00 – 10.00 ITV3+1 (What the fu**?) – The Bill


7.00 – 7.30 Paramount Comedy – Scrubs
7.30 – 8.00 SkyOne – The Simpsons
8.00 – 8.30 – UKGold+1 – Open All Hours
9.00 – 9.45 – BBC3 – F*ck Off I’m Ginger (yes it really is called that)
9.45 – 11.30 – Planes Trains & Automobiles

Any other Crap

7.00 – 7.30 Trouble+1 – Different Strokes (You remember this?)
7.30 -8.00 Hallmark – Diagnosis Murder
8.00 – 9.00 Bravo+1 – Walker Texas Ranger
9.00 – 10.00 SkyThree – Who Killed Diana?

Feel free to suggest any categories you want adding.

Tune in tomorrow for Wednesday’s compulsive viewing.


107 Replies to “‘Arsenal, Watching Eastenders!’”

  • I’ll be turning the tele on for ‘**** off I’m ginger’ and scrubs. There was a couple more of them ‘fu*k off’ shows, there was ‘fu*k off I’m small’ and fu*k off I’m a hairy woman.’

  • Adult

    9pm – 5am Babestation 1 – 906
    9pm – 5am Babestation 2 – 908
    9pm – 5am Babestation 3 – 910
    9pm – 5am Playboy 1 – 912
    9pm – 5am Babecast 1 – 915
    9pm – 5am Babecast 2 – 961

    I suppose you could waste away the hours watching girls jump up and down on a bed! not that i would know!

  • To be honest I’d much rather watch Scrubs than us, for example, beating Juve. There’s no getting away from it, Scrubs is one of the greatest shows ever made. Also we’ve already played ‘Pool about 40 times this season, so I’m glad we’re not playing them again……. So ner!!!

  • Actually being a pikey gooner fan is bit like “”LIFE ON MARS””.. In a coma!! Living a fantasy no one else can see..!!

    Enjoy I personally will be cheering the British teams left in Europe knowing they have British players with a special time set for Thursday..
    Yoou guys need another Nigel Winterburn.. I bet little dutch girl thought he was crap!!

  • Being a Spurs fan would be a bit like being in Canto XII of Dante’s ‘Inferno’, being condemned to constantly push around a huge weight, endlessly and pointlessly for eternity.

  • LD, I recommend making a comparison that spuddies could understand. Dante Alighieri is surely not going to do it.

  • and LD, please explain our guests from the lane what ‘Canto’ means. If they all share the IQ of mr. cusop there, they could think you are refering to female genitalia.

  • for tue-friday I recommend going out, meeting some fine women and discussing how sh it e international football is.


  • mad mick you will soon be arrested and returned to the institution you unfortunately escaped from. and lay off the bottle.

  • May be we share something in common little dutch girl … Would you like to discuss Dantes inferno?… it is over 25 years since I read it!! If you, as always stop showing off and read Antonio Gramsci, Prison Notebook you actually might learn about the importance about struggle and how Dantes inferno was interpreted in the 20 th century.. But to be honest NUMB NUT it is a stretch!!

  • Cusop, how are we supposed to believe that you can even read, when your own grammar is so pi*s-poor? Honestly now, I’m sure that the only books you ever read were ones published by madmick1, who to his credit, tells a simple tale as well as doing it in CAPITALS.

  • Cusop, So over 25 years since you read Dante’s Inferno. So lets say you read that when you were 18 (for arguments sake). That now makes you 43!!! From your posts over the last couple of months I honestly believed that you were around 15 and you thought you were being naughty by swearing when your mum/dad/teachers weren’t looking. Even after all the ***** that us Gooners have been through in the last few weeks, I’d still much much rather be us than you!!!

  • Scooch enjoy the eurovision.. Andy needs a bayer.. Good one!!
    So who the hell is Gramsci ? … I can see google working over time..
    Dantes Inferno is appealing to Gooner Pikes .. One its got some fing to do wiv fire!!.. Two its a big book and burns well round the camp fire while your toasting rats legs!!

  • Actually U pikeys have probably read all the fascist stuff by Mr. Hilter.. Mine Camp!! ( is on fire ) Agggger Aggerrr!!

  • Yeah thanks for that eurovision comment, that’s the first time I’ve heard that!!! Quick Cusop, stop typing your mum-dad-teacher’s coming. (surely they’re not all the same person??? Or maybe they just all look the same???)

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