Date: 16th September 2006 at 6:57pm
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I don’t know how many people have seen the advert today for The News Of The World that claims that tomorrow it will reveal that Arsenal will sign a world cup star in a transfer that will rock the world.

The Sunday rag claims that the news will rock the world when the Gunners capture the signature of a world cup star.

Well Vital Arsenal has it on good authority that the player in question is none other than Zinedine Zidane.

Look at the evidence;

The player is a world cup star. Zidane is one of the biggest names in world football.

The transfer will shock the world, I mean who wouldn’t be shocked by Zidane coming out of retierment to play for Arsenal?

The transfer window is closed and Zidane is the only star of the world cup in the position to join a club as he currently is not under contract.

You heard it here first.


53 Replies to “Arsenal To Sign Zinedine Zidane”

  • thats fantastic news aswell it all fits well i saw the advert aswell. it looks like arsene had this all planned for a long time !!!!! come on zinedineeee !!!

  • Does anyone remember Arsene Wenger last summer saying we’d have to wait a year till we got a world class player??

  • If the story is true it will great to have a personality as Big as Zidane at the club, He could bring a real winning mentality which would help the development of the youngsters. Seeing is believing tho!

  • This is the NOTW we’re talking about….
    Joe Cole or Beckham to sign in January sensation…..
    Both rowlocks.

  • could be zizou or maybe denilson, not the one we jus bought the winger. he had a trial at portsmouth but they didn’t take him. but zizou would be great but we need a winger.

  • Thinkin bout it – we’ve already got loads of central mids! He’s better than Flamini tho – arf arf. No way wenger would do this in a milion years, NOTW must be queuing up a colloqial article or summat.

  • Arsene wouldn’t sign Zidane… he’d hinder Fabregas’ progress, also him and Henry have never played well together for France… Arsene doesn’t sign players over 30 and why would Zidane come out retirement to play in the quickest league in the world when as we saw when we played Real Madrid last season, he’s losing the little bit of pace he did have!

  • After a summer of rumours this is another one that I just can’t see happening. Our midfield is full now!!! But interesting if there was someone.

  • despite his age he still pulled the strings for France in the summer, and they were probably the best team. would be a good signing, though we dont need the numbers in that position.

  • It cant be zidane, i live in paris and havent heard of it. Remember the media here follows zizou in daily basis. My bet goes to buffon.

  • if u get him i rate u but if he was really coming out of retierment wouldnt u expect it 2 be at real madrid

  • As good as ZZ is(or was!) why would we sign a 30 year old?
    (unless it’s to put bums on seats/sell shirts)
    When we have let Pires go! And refused to let the ‘over 30s sign a 2 year deal,I think we can dismiss this story as a load of *********!

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