Date: 16th February 2007 at 8:40pm
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Tomorrow see’s Arsenal televised for their 16th consecutive match (Charlton match aside). Some kind of record? Dunno, but Wingston75 has a few opinions.

Now, as we all know, on Wednesday we knocked out Bolton and their fat ingrate of a manager, and a tie against Blackburn in the next round awaits us, televised live at 12.15 by the BBC.

Is this some sort of record? perhaps.

The good thing about this is that it allows Gooners up and down the country the chance to see their beloved team in many games, providing they’ve got a telly, and sky, a mate who has, or like going to the pub on a regular basis (i do) :).

It also allows football fans up and down the country the chance to see what we’ve been going on about, so they can’t say they haven’t been warned about the large red and white dawn rising slowly over the country, It’s already blinded Mank-chester and Liverpool with it’s light, and i believe it will soon be eclipsing the residents of SW6 too.

But now the downside.

I kinda miss the 3pm Saturday kickoffs.

I used to love those Saturday’s when I’d get up, and choose to do nothing, save for recovering from the night before, easing myself tentatively into the weekend, before settling down in a relaxed fashion, be it in bed or on the sofa, with the arsenal match playing out on my little clock radio, five live crackling away to the left of my ear, Mike Ingham informing me of the ebb and flow of the game.

It WAS Saturday.

Maybe i just don’t like the fact that i have to listen to the twin Hams of West and Ful instead (and can you blame me?)

Whatever view you take of it, it’s an incredible run of televised games we’ve had.


20 Replies to “Arsenal To Set New Record?”

  • Know what you mean. Only just enough time to get down to Sainsburys and do the weekly shop before the match is on. Well, I suppose we shouldn’t really complain too much…it seems all the media have suddenly woken up and recognised class viewing.

  • I moved here to the USA in 2005, i havent missed a single arsenal game, they are ALL televised here – although mid week games are a pain, if i cant get the time off work i need to watch the repeat which means no internet or contact with the folks back home from usually 2pm my time until the repeat usually at 8pm – but its a price im willing to pay – oh and english commentators on each game so none of these ‘he was offsideS’ plural

  • folks it aint live where i live, and im so ******** *****ed, they are showing bayern madrid on tuesday nite as the live game in my part of the world, just hope we get a big draw in the last 8 if we make it thru, so that it will be live atleast. so if anyone of you know any website where the match can be seen live on the internet, please let me know, please please please..

  • Last game I missed was Southampton v Arsenal in 2003. I got dragged to bingo (of all bloody things) by the girlfriend (It was her birthday, no excuse though I know!!!). We didn’t win the bingo, that particular girlfriend became my ex soon after, but I still managed to catch the last 10 on five live, so it wasn’t all bad! Before you guys ask, 1-0 to the Arsenal, Super Bob got the goal!

  • I never mind the commentary, be it dutch or arab or belgian…
    I never listen to it anyway.
    I hear people complain about the sky commentary and bbc and all that, but in a pub you could barely hear them even if you I dont mind them at all.
    the game is whats important.

  • True about the 3pm kick offs, though even some midweek games with the commentry team on 5-live game me the same kind of buzz! I’ll never forget the John Carew Valencia cup exit night! I don’t think I’ll ever get over that one. Heartbreaker!

  • and more Arsenal games being televised over seas too for a change – for those of us who can’t get sky….legally that is. Finally it’s no longer ManU or Liverpool every week on FoxSports (explains why there’s so many bandwagon ManU fans in North America I guess). It’s been great to actually watch matches instead of just reading text updates over gamecast every week….very tedious.

  • I’m glad that overseas gooners are getting more of a chance to watch the boys in action. I used to visit the Arsenal America site quite a lot and the guys who post there all seemed to have the utmost trouble finding a venue in their respective states and towns which was showing the Arsenal matches. I hope that everyone residing outside the uk is having considerably more ease watching the team’s matches… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Anyone that watches the games via internet feeds-the picture quality may not be the best, but at least you dont have to put up with Andy Gray!! God he winds me up so much-the satisfaction he seems to get from the Arsenal conceding really pis*es me off. 16 games live on the trot, thats great for all arsenal fans, with Ashburton Grove selling out game in game out, and the away allocation going quickly too it gives all fans the opportunity to catch their team in action. I doubt Spurs have been featured live 16 times in the last decade!!!! ;0

  • Games in asia are live on espn-star. the commentary is quite good, no andy gray hangover :). the panel normally like the arsenal style of play. i prefer the 12.15 kick off, coz of the time difference, and the mid-week games are a pain. its always a pleasure to see so many arsenal games live.

  • kingdennis, i doubt that the spuds have participated in 16 cup games in the past decade… »»Arsene Knows««

  • i have to agree with wingston and i did write something earlier when they announced all out sky games.. i miss 3pm especially when i have top drop kids at 9:30 and head to my cousin and i got in at 2am last night so now feeling rough and groggy, grrrrr i feel i am talking rubbish at this hour, i need to shower soon and do my pregame ritual 😉

  • As a neutral I’m sick of the sight of Arsenal, Man U, Chlesea and Liverpool and wish that sky & the BBC would finally realise there are more than those 4 teams that exist.

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