Date: 3rd April 2007 at 9:57am
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Monday morning. The alarm goes off. You struggle to rise from your bed. You go into the bathroom and the person starring back from the mirror with a Wurrzell Gummidge style barnet resembles an extra from the set of Shawn Of The Dead. Eyes like piss holes in the snow. Reluctantly you get in the shower, standing with red hot water beating down on the top of your tired old head.

After taking nearly 20 minutes to dry yourself & brush your teeth, you summon up the energy to dress and finally leave the house. Trudging at a slow pace to the tube/car/bus stop, thoughts of once more ploughing through mundane crap you call a job enters your head.

You finally snap.

Turn round, head home & back to bed.

Something has to change, you need something to fight for, motivation, you need to be fired up.

With seemingly nothing left to fight for this season, the mighty Gunners appear to be stuck in a rut. The motivation, despite what Kolo Toure tries to tell us, is not there. We need urgency fight and spirit, otherwise what we’ll be fighting for is to get out of that UEFA Cup spot and back into the Champions League.

I believe the players need to draw on all their mental resources for the remaining games of the season and find what ever symbol it is they need to come out fighting when they cross that white line, find something within themselves to give 200% on the pitch, and never give in until each and every team has been dispatched, and in fine style.

It’s all well and good prophesying about what may or may not happen next season, but if we are without Champions League football purely due to that fact that these well paid professional players do not have the mental strength to summon spirited performances from the depths of their souls, then what hope do we have?

If any player is having difficulty in finding something to fight, focus & battle for, may I just make one simple suggestion?

Do it for the fans.


19 Replies to “Arsenal – The Need To Find The Fight”

  • Well said…’s really painful to see it happening, but it seems they lack the much needed motivation…lets see how they react against West Ham…

  • I knew we were in for a bit of a problem at half time on saturday when I saw the look on Hlebs face as you saw him trudge down the tunnel. He looked remarkably…. there’s no other word for it… Bored!!! I like him as a player and he’s not the only one that should be mentioned, but seeing the look on his face said alot to me!!!

  • Don’t be silly EM, that would mean we’d have to lose 6 of our last 8 games and the teams below us would have to win all theirs….not gunna happen!

  • That is a bit silly of EM, but not as silly as you suggest. Everton are 4 wins behind you in 7th.

  • Five if we win our game in hand! If we finish outside the european places I will give the site up to the first fan to offer.

  • Well said, Rocky, the players really need to focus now, but isnt the manager supposed to be playing a part in motivating the players? Though the privilege of wearing the red and white every week should be good enough for the players. Our players were starting to show that they could react well to adversity in match situations, before our season fell apart. But I hope the Liverpool was a one-off and I am now waiting to see how they react against West Ham. That should provide a few answers.

  • Andf the Mighty YIDS are just 3 wins behind you in 6th………. don’t get nervous you biatches

  • I guess 5wins out of our last 5 in t pl means we are the form side going into out tie at whl soon. after we put chelski out of the title race this weekend we are gonna be going to work on that 4th spot that looks so available at the moment. What a sweet taste that revenge will be if it happens……never say never in football….. after all everton made it the the CL palces two yeras ago and they are only a small club! Thats why their league form suffered – unlike the yids who arte still gunning in europe and ploughing through thge ranks of the league. COYS

  • hehe, the spuds never ever learn – mouthing off before games. bullers – havent we heard this all before? Chelsea beat you in the FA cup recently, and u’re already talking abt putting them out of the title race !! and you seem puzzled when we come to ur site and gloat after victories.

  • Nice and to-the-point write-up! Did bullers say “after we put chelski out” in the same way he might say “after I go for a large dump”? What is it with the Spuds and their mega self-delusion? Is this the unpleasnt state that fans are reduced to when they haven’t won anything for years?

  • Im not sure its more like un-abandoned optimism.. May be its to do with the style of soccer we play.. But worst things have happened.. If the Pikey scum take a dive anything is possible.. Lets face it we are Keane

  • I think we have the fight, but with so many experience players out for one reason or another we have had to play young kids as we all know. I magine how well those kids are gonna play mixed in next season. What a squad, RED ARMY RED ARMY RED ARMY

  • Perhaps if Arsenil had more English players they would show more fight & will to win.As it is the homegrown talent you have produced recently just isnt good enough,regardless of nationality.Wenger has dressed the last 18 months up as transition but that is just a favourable word for decline.The failure to overcome PSV,a side that previous Arsenil teams had effortlessly brushed aside on previous occasions,has shown just how far Wenger”s men have slipped whilst when a home game v Wham is looked upon with trepidation then you know there are big problems.A loss at WHL could be catastrophic.

  • You ‘snal guys shoud not fret. Can’t c u ouda CL next year, but u do need to spend sum decent dosh – yur players r real hit n miss at times and the capitulation ‘gainst Liverpool was not great. But u got sum easyish games cuming up. It wud be nice for the rest of the premiership if one of the big 4 didn’t make it to the CL to add a bit of spice; and if there is one that din’t make it – it will be you, I’m afraid. By the way, do you think Spurs will win tonight?

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