Date: 15th January 2007 at 2:31pm
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Arsenal striker Manu Adebayor has made a sensational threat to quit international football if the Togo FA does not organize its self better.

Adebayor has become a vital part of the Togo national side, scoring some vital goals in their qualification for the World Cup last summer.

The lanky striker won Togo`s best foreign-based player of the year for 2006 after a good season spent between Monaco and Arsenal.

You only have to watch him for 5 minutes to see he has a great passion for the game but the 22-year-ol is clearly at the end of his tether.

Speaking to FIFA Magazine Manu said: ‘If things do not change for the better over the next six months to a year, I think I may end my international career.

‘I have to think of myself first, even though playing for the national team is very important to me.

‘While I am prepared to give everything to my country, if they cannot organise things well, I will have to make a decision that is best for my life.’

It would clearly be of benefit to Arsenal, one less player away on international duty is one fitter player. It would also mean one less player lost for 6 weeks when the African Championships come around.


36 Replies to “Arsenal Striker In Quit Threat!”

  • Shades of Roy Keane. I think it’s one of those things that’s very easy to criticise from the outside, but ultimately we don’t know what is happening internally. From what I can gather most of the Togolese national team feel this way.

  • Did me for a minute there, but I always suspected there was a bit of a slant on it. Journalistic instict you see. 🙂

  • ya, scared me for a bit there, but i’ve been on this site for a while now, and knew there was something more 🙂

  • How many Spuds do you think came across here, thinking their fantasy about Henry was about to come true?

  • jesus, i nearly spat my coffee all over my lovely clean shiny screen ! i had just used my new super size large screen cleaning tissues ! anyway, it is good to see players of his calibre trying to influence his government into bring things the way players want them.

  • Haha, I knew it couldn’t have been about him quitting the Gunners…but I was interested in seeing what it did entail. Technically speaking the headline is still accurate!

  • nooooo, come on:)))) this was all over the football websites yesterday. Most of the African FAs are in dire condition, corrupt and miserable in terms of organization and structure. Togo I think is perhaps one of the worst. They had this crisis at the WC, where the coach was fired during the WC, then reinstated, then walked as soon as their tournament is over. He also wanted to bench Ade for the WC, despite the fact that our lanky forward was the player who took them there. The players also did not get their bonuses and not even god knows what is happening there.

  • lol @ Rocky7.

    Even if he did quit international football he would probably come out of retirement and some stage in the near future.

  • I didn’t read the intro, thinking it was Bendtner again, so I just went straight to the article.
    And me likes it that the idea of Adebayor quitting would shock gooners. How things change, huh?

  • this is usually the case with the less developed nationals, mainly the ones from africa. anyways it’s their internal matter and hope they will sort it out soon..

  • Simmy, I thought it might be like this. but still had palpitations until I read the word Togo. Definitely had the desired effect!!

  • ha,you didnt fool me with that headline,cos i had already seen the feed from arsenal-world this morning…nice try though

  • of what i know of this article.. i think things have not been going wel with the togolese football federation.. we all knew they were in dire trouble at the world cup..

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