Date: 20th April 2021 at 12:00pm
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Football seems to be in disarray after it was announced that 12 European clubs will break away from the midweek European competitions to form a ‘Super League’.

AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur have all signed up to take part in the competition which is due to start as soon as practically possible.

Should Arsenal compete in the ESL?





And after such a bombshell announcement the clubs have taken plenty of criticism for signing up to a tournament that has been labelled as ‘pure greed’ by Gary Neville who launched an astonishing attack on the English clubs.

However, if there are any clubs who should be missed out with any criticism following the events of the last 24 hours then it’s Arsenal, who have been royally screwed over in years gone by the very organisation which is threatening to ban players from the World Cup and European Championship.

Remember the financial fair play rules brought in by UEFA way back in 2009. It was an attempt at stopping big clubs from outspending their means. Put simply, clubs could only afford to make a certain amount of losses over a three year period.

Failure to do so was met with fines, limitation on squad size and even a ban from European competition altogether as the Citizens almost faced last year.

Well, the Gunners were one of the clubs best known for sticking by the rules in place whilst under the stewardship of Arsene Wenger, a man/coach known within football for his class. The Frenchman held behavious, both on and off the pitch, to such high standards that he even refused to deal with certain agents within the game.

And how were the north London giants rewarded? Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City both faced zero punishment for failing to comply with the rules set out in earnest by UEFA, despite substantial evidence pointing out mass wrongdoing.

Then to top it all off, it was announced earlier this year that the rules set out to level the playing field would now be relaxed moving forward after a devasting after effect from the recent pandemic. A big fat middle finger up to the clubs, especially Arsenal, who spent the best part of a decade following the law to the letter.

In other news, Arsenal are in contact with a Serie A midfielder.