Date: 24th September 2007 at 7:30pm
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The egarly anticipated results for the last financial year reveled an even bigger increase in revenue and profit than anyone had expected.

Of course, a move to a stadium with an extra 22,000 seats, and a massive assault on the retail market are going to see income rocket, but not even the Arsenal money men knew that the Arsenal group would set British records come May.

It was predicted before Arsenal’s move to the new Ashburton Grove Stadium that match day revenue would increase by about £30 Million, which would have taken the season’s total to around £74 Million.

That forecast proved to be some way out as Arsenal’s match day revenue alone exceeded the total income of some Premier League clubs. Match days generated a staggering £90.06Million in that time, despite Arsenal exiting the Champions League in the second round.

Arsenal’s total turnover was up to £200.08 Million from £137.2 Million in the previous year. That’s a ride of 46%.

Another very interesting thing to note is Arsenal Holding’s PLC’s bank balance. Last time the financial results were published it had fallen to £35.6 Million. This time around that has risen to £73.9 Million.

While these results do not take into account depreciation (which could, in theory, reduce the figures by as much as 20%), it also doesn’t take into account player trading in that time, which was also a profitable side of the business for Arsenal.

The results also showed that 91% of the appartments at the Highbury Square development have been pre-sold. The total value of the site is expected to exceed £300 Million.

The results put to shame the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United, who’s turnover was £152.8 Million and £167.8 Million respectively.

Speaking after the publication of the results Peter Hill-Wood said: ‘The best way that Arsenal can continue to deliver success is by maintaining a business that pays its own way.

‘We have always pursued, and intend to continue with, a policy of re-investing profits and surplus cash into team development.

‘Emirates Stadium now provides the club with the firm financial foundations from which we will continue to build trophy winning Arsenal teams for many years to come.’


57 Replies to “Arsenal Reaping Emirates Rewards”

  • Money, money, money, money, MONEY!!!! Rich, rich I tells ya, rich!! And all from the clubs hard work, fantastic support from the fans and all in all, the best run football team in the world.

  • i am more interested in great perfomances and great results on the pitch. please, please bring back the league title to Arsenal this season..

  • Savour every moment Gooners, as Chelsea have proved, every thing can go tits up at the drop of a manager. It feels so good to be red and white right now.

  • Man Utd should still be above us when their results are released, I doubt Chelski will be though. The difference though is that Man Utd are paying some ridiculous interest charges & aren’t even paying back the actual loans yet. I just cannot wait to see the spuds post their results so we can all laugh at the debt they are now in due to stupid spending on players rather than doing things the right way. I heard that they will have to sell their best players if they dont make the top 4 this season. Its a far cry from the uninformed comments their fans were making pre season.

  • AG – That would make me the happiest Gooner in the world. Imagine Spurs without Berbatov, King, Lennon………..I thought the list would be longer than that, but I can’t think of anymore good players

  • Now let those who claim our financial prospects aren’t sufficient to remain competitive in the future tell us precisely how they would go about increasing the clubs revenues while maintaining it’s longer term stability. Not just airy fairy stories about multi billionaires willing to throw money at us just because they have always loved the club. Lets hear a sound reasoned commercially justified business case for doing things differently. Just don’t hold your breath while waiting for the response.

  • It seems like Usmanov did the board a PR favour: Everyone’s sooo happy to make them rich, I don’t think this was the case a few months ago! But in all fairness, they are a in a different league as far as boards go, and deserve success.

  • We’ll finish outside the top four, the debt will cripple us, Cesc will join Barcelona, wenger will leave us, Spurs will finish above us………..all statements we’ve had shot at us over the past few years, the only thing that anyone got correct was that Henry would leave…..and that turned out to be a wonderful thing!!

  • Exactly what I been thinking all day simmy lol.(cashburden, got to give credit to whoever came up with it though) Suppose Arsene will no longer need my choccies and crisps for signing players, I’ll start off with the M&Ms (feeling sick already :S )

  • If it wasn’t for Wenger we wouldn’t be in this position, would any other manager been able to do what he has? Successive Champions League qualifications on a small budget (compared to our rivals). We love you Arsene and we love you Arsenal.

  • Happy happy days! Everything is going too well; I don’t get it – top of the league, not lost yet, everyone playing great, our summer buys look classy, Wenger extends his contract, our club is sound financially… all that, and two big Chav- and Spud-shaped cherries on top! Somebody wake me up!

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