Date: 21st April 2007 at 5:12pm
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Arsenal have all but qualified for the Champions League after an entertaining draw at White Hart Lane and other results went their way.

Arsenal will continue the consistent run in the CL after a 2-2 draw at White Hart Lane and both Bolton and Everton lost their games today.

For Arsenal to fail to qualify would need to see them lose their last 3 games (Fulham & Chelsea at home and Pompey away) and either Bolton or Everton win their remaining games whilst closing a gap of 28 and 17 goals respectively.

Whilst nothing in football can be taken for granted, I will gladly resign from my post of Vital Arsenal editor and parade myself outside Ashburton Grove wearing a Spurs shirt exposing my shaved scrotum should we fail, I am that confident.

In a difficult first season at AG, riddled with injury and now a board room revolution to boot, I’m happy to see qualification wrapped up as quickly as possible, and while our season has been declared a poor one by our own high standards, I can guarantee 16 other PL teams would kill to be in our position.

Nice one lads.


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  • LOL Rocky, no one wants to see your scrotum, shaved or otherwise :). I know this season has not been that good, but qualifying for the CL still shouldnt be front page news, IMO.

  • Man, going through what we have this season and coming out the otherside with our status in tact is no mean feat. The other thing I’ve noticed is that we seem to have shaken our “they dont like it physical” tag. As soon as we find our shooting boots we’ll be worrying the leaders.

  • Plus Spurs were in a UEFA Cup spot for like 10 mins today. Its been a good day. Happy St Totteringham’s day 🙂

  • I never noticed that Kidder. As I typed the article Spurs were in 7th on that league table……How sweet would it be to see Reading in Europe over Spurs?!?! lol

  • Portsmouth and Reading are hovering around that final UEFA Cup spot, It would be so great if either Kanu, Campbell or Lauren score the goal which takes that final spot from spurs.

  • I would love Reading over totters but I somehow tolerate tots better than Bolton. but rocky, I need that beer right now to get that parade picture out of my mind -:) lol.

  • I hope we all never have to see that horrible sight………Rocky wearing a Sp*rs jersey would be too much too to handle.

  • We have been through a bit this season as Arsenal supporters. With the new stadium being enough pressure we have seen TH14, RVP11,FL8,WG10,EE27,TS7,AH13, all out wiht injuires for massive amounts of time. To top it all off the guy that was forward thinking enough to give Arsene Wenger a try walks out after talking to a yank behind the backs of the board.

  • Just saying to the wife flv that I can now relax for the rest of the season and not get too vocal (aside from when Cashley comes home)

  • Its a great day for all Gooners and especially ones from Bolton who can laugh at thier Bolton supporting mates (i laugh anyway) and say “Hahahaha”!!!

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