Date: 6th August 2008 at 5:18pm
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With Eduardo making a much lauded appearance prior to the Real Madrid game at the weekend it appears that the squad should be back up to full strength within a relatively short time.

Both Eduardo and Rosicky took part in a training session during the Member’s day event held at the Emirates Stadium yesterday. The club website quotes Wenger as being positive about their imminent returns with Rosicky expected back next month and Eduardo 2 months later.

“The situation is positive for both players,” said Wenger. “We believe Tomas could be available in September and Eduardo maybe in November. Also it was good for them to be back in this kind of atmosphere. The players enjoy a day like that.”

With van Persie back in full training and now playing he is optimistic about the power of positive thinking.

“I have learned a lot in the last two years because I have been injured so much,” said Van Persie. “I learned what my body can take and what it can’t, so it was an interesting period for me. I hope next season will not be so unlucky with injuries. But at the moment, I just do not want to think about that, the negative stuff. If you think positive, you get positive. My target is to be as fit as possible after a month because the season is long. We have to build it all up slowly with gym work, cardio work and games. It is really important for me to get a good start.”

Stripped of key experienced players in the 2nd half of last season didn’t help our efforts to take the title. Hopefully with better luck on injuries the trio of Rosicky, Eduardo and van Persie will exert a very different influence on the 2nd half of the season still to come.

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