Date: 3rd December 2016 at 1:57pm
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UK Premier League Football Odds and Tips

Typically, as the Premier League season approaches the midpoint there`s a clear front-runner (or two) in the title race. This Premier League season is shaping up to be slightly different, more competitive and tightly packed at the top of the table than it has been in recent memory. For Premier League fans that means one thing: value free bets across sports betting platforms.

As it is, five clubs emerge as potential threats for the title race, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and Tottenham. Now, odds makers would have you believe it`s a three-horse race mainly, down to Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City. As well, they would have Pep Guardiola`s darling Citizens as the top bet a 2.75.

Consider just how tightly packed the top of the table is as the season hurtles towards the festive season and this market outlook starts to look like a bit of a ruse.

To look at the table is to see that Man City are in the thick of it all but sat pretty in third place after Chelsea and Liverpool. Granted Guardiola`s side is level with Liverpool (2nd) on 30 points and only a point adrift of Chelsea through 13 laps of England`s top flight. Perhaps, the most illuminating is the form table, which has Man City down in fifth place on recent form (last six fixtures: 3-3-0).

Chelsea top the form table behind a perfect 6-0-0 mark in their last six. When one considers they reeled off six clean sheets since a 3-0 loss to Arsenal that had manager Antonio Conte in an apoplectic fit, one wonders whether the bookies have it right. (Keep in mind, Chelsea haven`t got European football to contend with this season.)

There`s an argument to be had based on current form Chelsea, perhaps, should be the top Premier League bet ahead of the Christmas Break. In any event, it makes their 3.60 price tag look awfully tempting for your wagers.

Liverpool`s second place ranking in the table correlates to a second place position on the form table following a 4-2-0 mark in their last six overall fixtures. There`s an argument to be had here too about their slightly larger 4.33 football odds being disingenuous as well. They too don`t have European football campaigns to be mindful of, which is an advantage in the title race over Man City and Arsenal.

Of the quintet identified as being in the title race no club is snubbed more than the tandem of Arsenal and Tottenham, priced at 9.00 and?wait for it?drumroll? a whopping 19.00, respectively, in Premier League betting outrights.

Consider the Gunners are ranked fourth in the form table and just three points adrift of Chelsea going into week 14 of the Premier League season, their football odds smack disingenuous. In other words, that`s value on the table there for the taking.

Tottenham are technically in it being seven points adrift but form has them down to 11th (1-4-1) ahead of week 14. Consider Spurs were the last undefeated side in the league, their football odds do look ridiculously large. Talk about your Christmas come early.

Whichever way you are slicing the Premier League title race, given the current landscape we must all be able to agree the title is up for grabs and any one of these five clubs has a legitimate stake. You could do no worse than back either on your football betting slips.