Date: 9th February 2007 at 1:53am
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There are claims in this morning`s newspapers that American Billionaire Stan Kroenke is in talks with Arsenal regarding a potential ‘technical partnership` with his football team, MLS side The Colorado Rapids.

According to reports The Colorado Rapids would change their name to incorporate ‘Arsenal` into it as well as changing their kit colours to the maroon worn by Arsenal last season.

Arsenal striking a technical partnership with foreign clubs is nothing new. The Gunners have links with Beveren and Celta Vigo as well as ploughing money into youth academies in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and The Ivory Coast.

Any partnership between the clubs would likely involve an exchange of training techniques, an annual friendly, and Arsenal youngsters being sent on loan to the MLS side.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for Arsenal to raise their profile in The States as ‘soccer` starts to increase in popularity and with the arrival of David Beckham in the MLS there could be no better time for an English club to strike any such partnership.

With a population over 300Million, there`s a potentially massive market in the U.S, football just needs a bigger profile over there. Chelsea, Manchester United and AC Milan all make annual tours of America which raises between 5 and 10 Million pounds for each club, so any potential partnership could be very lucrative.

Kroenke is also believed to be interested in a potentially investing in Arsenal. I want to stress that there is no takeover being proposed, merely a cash injection. He has shares in several sports team`s in America and he`s a huge sports fan. Jeff Plush, Rapids MD and close friend of Stan Kroenke is also believed to be a big Arsenal fan.

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  • all these takeovers , investments are really getting on my tits ! when the yanky doodles took over liverpool this week they called it a franchise, A FRANCHISE ! next there will be dolly bird walking down the aisles and gangways selling hotdogs during the game !

  • Interesting. Arsenal looking to raise thier profile, fan base and cash flow without actually selling thier club to the higgest bidder. Nicely done.

  • Just seems like more media nonsense to me. There may be truth in some kind of technical relationship like we have with Celta Vigo but the rest is just made up. As if a billionaire is going to pump money into arsenal without at least owning part of the club or without the real prospect of taking over. Give it a couple of weeks & all this nonsense will go away its just the media are jumping on the bandwagon because arsenal haven’t been taken over!!

  • It’s amazing that Spurs don’t get these stories every week. You’d have thought that a club with a pony ground, a rubbish team and a crap fan base would be a very attractive proposition for a would-be foreign investor.

  • AG – Considering this american has registered the domain names “Coloardo Arsenal & Arsenal Colorado” may suggest there is more truth to this than your dismissive manner makes out. Billions of £’s a year are spent on advertising, which is essentially what this geezer would be doing. £5 million a year (for instance) could secure a team in one of the most tactically inept leagues in the world, help and advice for the greatest manager in world football, not to mention the loan of young players who would probably be better than anyone in their team. Just for a change I think you’re being negative about something.

  • R7, Its my opinion, I dont ever remember coming on here & attacking you!! I thought this was a website for all but obviously its only for people who agree with what you say!!

    Here is a link to their official website!! They will be training at Colney from early march (their pre season) & yes it talks about a major link up with a european team (clearly arsenal) but it doesn’t say anywhere that their owner wants to buy arsenal, just that its another link up like we have with Celta Vigo!!

  • I never said you attacked me man, just that you were being a tad dismissive. And you’ll notice that in our article it clearly states that this is not a take over bid.

  • I’ve just had alook at that website and it states that they will hold a press conference this afternoon to announce a major partnership with another club and alsosome major image changes. So to me that suggests that the article is very accurate.

  • Yeah I was being dismissive of takeover talk that is in all the papers. As you say this is going to be a technical relationship, not a takeover attempt. I have re-read my original comment & I still don’t see where I have been negative?? Of course I could understand it being viewed as negative if you are in favour of a takeover but judging by the response on here by arsenal fans the other day (re: Liverpool takeover) then I wouldn’t have thought you wanted that. You also intimated that I am always negative & again I don’t see this at all. I dont like Flamini but thats one player, him aside how have I been negative about arsenal????

  • AG, Take is easy. I think there is a little misunderstanding. Read each other’s posts again and you will see there is no malice whatsoever meant by Rocky7.

    I rarely post, but do read a lot of your posts and you guys are two of my very favourite intelligent posters among others, please dont fight! Especially when ther eis absolutely no reason for it

  • Also, the partnership sounds exactly like what Arsenal would do instead of that outright take over. I think our owners and genuine fans and will not sell off Arsenal unceremoniously like that.

  • There is no talk of a take over (there is a filmsy comment in the independant, but that was just an off the cuff remark) yet you dismissied it as rubbish, asking why would any inject money into our club without wanting to take it over, I gave you reasons why. That’s all.

  • Cheers TS, Of course I didn’t intend any malice, I fully appreciiate all the memberson this site, and am gratefull for the Gooners (and non) who post intelligentlly rather than submitting mindless bollux (ala the Spurs site)

  • It is quite easy to be misinterpreted with comments on these things as we are all generally typing in a hurry and trying to use as little words as possible. So time for a big Gooner love-in and we’ll live happily ever after.

  • R7, I am still lost as to how I am always negative?? I don’t know how long I have been registered on this site but certainly over a year & in all that time I have never once attacked you, so I dont see why just because you don’t like a comment of mine you feel the need to attack me personally (by claiming I am always negative). Arsenal are clearly setting up a technical link with this team so why would their owner need to invest money in arsenal to get the advice of Wenger?? He wouldn’t as Wenger is happy to give advice for free about football & certainly to a team we are linked up with. I have been dismissive of takeover talks, not just this one but any of them. I have never said anything about the technical relationships which I happen to think are a great idea. Without Celta Vigo we wouldn’t have been able to sign Vela & I am sure their will be others!! Arsenal don’t need to sell, we have a big debt (albeit a well thought out debt) & the board would each want mega money to sell their stake which means teams like spurs or man city are a much more attractive financial proposition.

  • AG, don’t be so sensitive mate. It’s a debate, they can get a little heated, but we all have a common goal.

  • AG, that comment was supposed to be a jokular remark and if it offended then I apologise as it wasn’tmeant to, and it certainly wasn’t a personal attack mate, seriously. I might be a bit daft but I’m not daft enough to attack an ex-pro boxer 😉 Back on topic, I think the exchange of tactics (in their case) the use of our facilites, the loan of our young players and the general interest it will create around the world will be worth millions in itself, well worth pumping a few quid into. This geezer isnt a billionaire for nothing, he knows you have to speculate to accumulate, and rather than spunking his cash on an overrated, over aged midfielder who will retire in a few years, he’s decided to spendhis money on something more constructive. To take a Tim Stillman stance on this……..”Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, give he the knowledge to catch a fish and he will feed for a life time”

  • Rocky, did you get my mail on Liverpool?? I wouldn’t bother posting it, you’ll get a million scousers over here again. You’d be about a foot behing Boris Johnston and The Sun newspaper in their hit list.

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