Date: 10th August 2007 at 12:20pm
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So, we have a new captain, not everyone’s personal choice, but few could argue that Billy G isn’t a winner.

Arsene Wenger named William Gallas as captain yesterday, and it’s not a move that surprised me very much after seeing Billy don the captains armband for every pre-season game he played in.

Gallas was gifted the honour despite quiet man, Gilberto, playing the role of skipper (and very well may I add) for the large part of last season.

Since the retirement of Tony Adams, Monsieur Wenger seem to have developed a nasty habit of choosing captains who go on to leave after spending a couple of seasons of flirting with, shall we say, more glamorous clubs.

While I’m not doubting Gallas’ leadership credentials, I just hope that Wenger’s choice was based on that very thing rather than pandering to another media whore’s massive ego.

Good luck in the role Billy.


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  • 3 french captains in a row. but as you say he is a winner and maybe our team needs some of that mentality.

  • Yes, he’s a controversial choice to say the least. But I hope the Gunners fans can ignore the moronic calls from the members of such site like Arseblog who are calling for him to be boo’ed. Whether we like it or not, we need to get behind the team if we want to win things. Negativety will get us nowhere.

  • I agree with Arsenalrob up there. It seems to me a strange decision by AW, tho not one i’m unhappy with. Gilberto was a good captain, in a quiet, get on with things way! But you know that Billy isn’t adverse to running upto someone and letting rip if they’re not producing the goods. I was extremely shocked when I heard this. But now I’ve had time to let it sink in it seems to me the best decision (as long as it doesn’t affect Bert’s or Kolo’s attitude by being passed over by AW!)

  • That makes sense scootch, I think you are right, I do think he genuinely cares for the club, you could see that after the Whammers v Gooners last year, I do cringe when i read some of the things he has said in the media, but having a greater responsibility may channel some of the frustrations that may happen in a more constructive way. Gilberto/Toure would have been a more natural choice due to their service, but as scootch says Gallas is more capable of grabbing the team by the boll0x and giving them the shaking they need at times.

  • agreed rocky!! I love Arseblog but his constant bickering and slagging of Gallas is based on articles from the Sun. As LD pointed out on few occasions, and on the Arseblog commen ts as well, if people bothered to actually READ the exact words they would see that he is just stating the plain effin obvious – something that we’ve all been bangin’ on the whole of last season. And the comments about him slating the medical staff at AFC is another fabricated lie. Gallas is a winner and he looks mean and determined to lead the troops this season. I am sure Bert and Kolo acknowledge that as well

  • Bring it on… I want to see Gallas sneering at Drogba and hopefully instead of hugging Theo Walcott, he’ll give him a slap on the shoulder and say “make sure you kick John Terry in the nuts as you fly past the facker!”

  • ha ha ha, gallas as captain. this has got to be the biggest joke to come out of arsenal. how does it go ? “how can we stop gallas mouthing off all the time?”, “i know, let’s make him captain”. wouldn’t it be better to have a captain that players and fans have some respect for ?

  • How about a captain who’s good at being a captain? This ain’t a popularity contest, it’s the captaincy. I’m behind the decision.

  • TT how will it stop Gallas mouthing off? We will now hear even more from him as he will have to write for the programme every other week. The Guy is a winner, If we are 1-0 down away oop north in the winter I want a Gallas type driving us on. whilst Gilberto was a great captain last year we still lost a lot of tough away games and lacked a bit of driving force.

  • Gallas doesn’t care about your club. It’s a fact. He only bothers about himself.Mark my words.

  • iceman, I agree. Plus, a stroke of genius, the guy literally has his own weekly column 🙂 Gallas cares about winning, I care about Arsenal winning.

  • But it’s a double ended dildo Kevin. Even if you are right that Gallas only cares about himself, that means he has to drive the team on to achieve his goals…….that in turn will bring sucess. Either way he should make a great captain.

  • We shall see kev. You chavs have been banging on about that for a while, and though I would rather have Gilberto as captain, I think Gallas will make a good captain for this young side. We will need someone to pick the kids up by the scruff of their neck and lift their performance, Time will tell if Billy will do that well, but I understadn the decision and behind it.

  • That’s true rocky. But I certainly wouldn’t want a captain that was a legend in a rival club. I wouldn’t want Ashley Cole to be our captain.And not only did wenger not promote Gilberto, he actually DEMOTED him. Now he is co-vice captain.

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