Arsenal Fans Question Preseason Tour Plans

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Arsenal have announced that we will be taking part in the International Champions Cup this summer.

The go-to barb here for fans initially was ‘Champions of what?’ but Arsenal do of course continue to hold hopes of lifting the Europa League trophy this season. It’s the only hope Arsene Wenger can have after the performances and inconsistency we’ve seen so far in 2017/18 – even Burnley are now favourites in the media to sneak sixth place in the table from us.

In any event, the club have lined up games against Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain for late July and both matches take place at the 55,000 capacity National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub.

The tie against Atletico is set for Thursday, July 26, with the reigning French Champions following on Saturday, July 28. Both games kick off at 12.35pm UK time (7.35pm local).

Arsenal have confirmed these two ties will be the only games outside of Europe this coming preseason and they anticipate two European friendlies will be announced soon.

Whilst the news will be welcomed by fans abroad who have fewer opportunities to see the side live in person, regulars at the Emirates Stadium and on the road were quick to question whether Arsenal could afford a packed preseason schedule and ICC involvement next year as there are no guarantees we’ll progress through the semi-finals against Atleti in the coming weeks, so we may be otherwise indisposed.

As you’d expect in the current climate, fans voicing the need to replace Arsene Wenger was the only plan they wanted to hear about moving forward.

The other thing to consider is the worldwide fanbase and Arsenal’s propensity for only touring the same markets.

Obviously you can’t please all the people all the time and that’s certainly true in football, but whatever anyone’s personal thoughts on Wenger – his history and achievements – big questions need to be answered this summer by the Board as Arsenal aren’t even treading water this year, we’ve actively slipped backwards and unless that is addressed over the summer a lot of fans will be questioning how bad things need to get before action is taken.

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