Date: 3rd August 2007 at 11:52am
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Arsenal will face Czech Republic side Sparta Prague in the Champions League third qualifying round.

The first leg will be played in Prague on August 14/15 while the return leg will be played August 28/29 at The Grove.

It’ll be an emotional return for Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky as he returns to the club that made him the footballer he is today.

As Mt Palmer pointed out, this is a massive game, much bigger than Fulham. Myles reports that it could be worth upto £25Million, in fact it could be worth much closer to £50Million.

Arsenal’s Premiership rivals Liverpool drew the team I was hoping for in the form of Toulouse, while Celtic face a dauting trip to Russia to face Spartak Moscow.

All I can say is let’s ‘ave it!


57 Replies to “Arsenal Draw Sparta Prague!”

  • Tricky draw this one. We should have enough to beat them over two legs but not the easiest of draws. Good that we get the away leg out of the way first.

  • I bet the travelling Gooners will be pleased with this. Amsterdam & Prague within a couple of weeks!! Can you say “Smashed”?

  • well coulda been a worse draw as long as sagna, toure, gallas, clichy play at back it’ll be all gravy!

  • You guys should be ok especially with the second leg at home. Will be good to have 4 prem teams in the draw proper as usual.

  • We’ve had some reasonable results against them in previous years. I’m optimistic about progressing. It’s good to talk about competitive football again 🙂 Bring it on!

  • No nookie for me then regardless of the result, my missus hales from prague and no guessing where her loyalties will lie! :o/

  • topspur are you commenting on that issue everyday coz you believe in your team or are you insecure…i suspect its the latter. we’ve heard it all decline, disaster, henry is gone we have no money blah blah blah. our football will speak for itself so enough already. your team has strengthened but that has nothing to do with us. we are stronger than last season

  • we have probably got the strongest team we’ve had for a couple of seasons anyone noticed how well its gelling together now without too many new faces

  • It’s pathetic if some Spurs fans have to keep going to other fan sites to brag about how they’ve strengthened, just to feel a bit more secure. This is nothing but inferiority complex. But it’s equally pathetic if we Gunners fans keep responding to this nonsense. So we’re confident and don’t need to reiterate the “crisis, what crisis” notion many times, either. Let the boys play the games and the results will speak louder than words. 🙂

  • Pound for pound the worst team in premiership history and you still dont know how to be QUIETLY confident Topsp*r1. No team has spent so much to achieve so little so until you have actually achieved something worthwhile id keep ur trap shut 🙂

  • VanSav; “best team for a couple of seasons”. what better than when you went unbeatable? better without henry, ljunberg, a.cole. somebody’s kidding themselves!!!

  • Well I guess I thought you might enjoy a little banter! Some of the response to my comments makes me wonder if some on here are feeling the strain.

  • Banter is all good but stating we will not finish 4th as matter of fact is just foolish! You’re coming across as an insecure little spud who knows for the 1st time in premiership history you go into a season with a teency weency bit of pressure. I personally think your club and manager will crumble due to the mental strain of having to finish in the champions league spots, if you dont Berbatov and the likes wont stick around and it will be back to the drawing board…..again.

  • And why would we be feeling any strain when we have the likes of Toure, Gallas, Gilberto, Fabregas and Van Persie in the spine of our team. You have Crock King, “I led a defence who kept less clean sheets than watford” Dawson, Headless Zakora and TWO bob Jenas. Il give you Bent and Berbatov!

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