Date: 8th January 2007 at 3:30pm
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After my editors rather odd articel earlier stating that we have drawn ‘_______’ in the FA Cup I thought I would bring you the ‘proper’ draw.

I was planning to do an article called ‘The good (news) the bad (news) and the ugly (manager)’ but I feel that has been spoiled now my Mr Mustchin (thanks boss).

Arsenal will play Bolton at home in the 4th round of the FA Cup. Don’t panic, the game will be played at Ashburton Grove so we wont be facing a cold day in Bolton.

The matches will be played on the 27th/28th January.

Draw in full:

Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers
West Ham United v Watford
Bristol City or Coventry City v Hull City or Middlesbrough
Chelsea v Nottingham Forest
Chester City or Ipswich Town v Swansea City
Cardiff City or Tottenham Hotspur v Southend United or Barnsley
Barnet or Colchester United v Peterborough United or Plymouth Argyle
Birmingham City or Newcastle United v Reading or Burnley
Derby County v Bristol Rovers
Sheffield Wednesday or Manchester City v Southampton
Crystal Palace v Preston North End
Manchester United v Portsmouth
Blackpool v Norwich City
Queens Park Rangers or Luton Town v Blackburn Rovers
Wolverhampton Wanderers or Oldham Athletic v West Bromwich Albion
Leicester City or Fulham v Stoke City


24 Replies to “Arsenal Draw Bolton In Fa Cup”

  • This goes to a replay and I’m gonna do what that Buddhist monk did and set myself on fire in protest that the F.A Cup draw is always crap!

  • simmy, why are you asking for his STD???? Anyway, we’ll win at our gaff, could have done with an easy tie for once though.

  • Sorry simmo, no plans on dying, just a severe charring and hopefully a bit of a tan. If I can survive Roma and Spuds away, third degree burns won’t represent anything worth bothering about.

  • not a bad draw. we can finally put our bad run vs bolton to an end and get some revenge for the 3-1 defeat..

  • I think we’ll be fine at home and I like the added intrigue of facing a relatively big team and one that we hate. I dont know about anyone else, but I just cant get excited by Arsenal v Hull/Bristol/Southend/plymouth etc. At least there’ll be an edge to this game. looking forward to it.

  • Thats the spirit boys, after breakin pools year long unbeaten home record, we can shrug off the hoodoo that this lot have had on us the last few meets, will have close to our first team 2 all bein well

  • Just been on the Bolton page – total ghost town, what gives? no pcs up there? all sold/nicked to pay for the hard stuff, I worked up there for a couple of days a while back, scary place! some big time ***** ups crawling about, was like a George A romero film or summit – pure bleakness

  • i have one thign to say. Here they come to town for a sever beating. thoe f***s have been owed one for some time now. they shall see a different proposition facing them. And they shall fall beneath the sword of damocles wenger.

    ┬╗┬╗Arsene Knows┬ź┬ź

  • but we don’t do bogeys at home, i mean on the lovely new seats.. we won’t have time to ick our noses, we will be too busy cheering !

  • LD, you iz true, true, innit. by the way, anyone else remember that rio ferdinand celebration this season after he scored a goal… and went running to the ManYoo fans quit clearly shouting ‘brrrrrap!’? Made me sick to my stomach. ┬╗┬╗Arsene Knows┬ź┬ź

  • Bwwwwwrrrrrrrrap! Man’;s got bare beanies innit tho bruv. Don’t make man boar you up with my blade.

  • i h8 wn mens gt beef wit rio. n ldr (aliadiere, with out vowels…), my preg sista spk she lv to fk im, whn she 15 she gna she say.

    ┬╗┬╗Arsene knows┬ź┬ź

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