Date: 1st June 2006 at 8:29pm
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With the freshly broken story that Arsenal are to be investigated for their involement with Belgian club Beveren, the board have acted swiftly to deny any wrong doing and have issued a statement.

Tonight’s screening of ‘News Night’ will look at how an investigation into susspected mafia involvment with the tiny club led to the discovery that Arsenal Football Club had issued a loan to the consortium that owns Beveren.

Until further investigations take place, everything is a bit sketchy, and as I’m not knowledgable on the whole economics scene, this is all very confusing, I guess this will become a little clearer after tonights program. Until then, here’s the statement issued by the board.


‘Arsenal Football Club is aware that BBC Newsnight is carrying a story this evening purporting to describe Arsenal’s relationship with Belgian football club, Beveren.

Arsenal does not normally make public its agreements with third parties. However, Arsenal can confirm that it has had a technical relationship with Beveren since 2001. This relationship has a number of benefits to both clubs such as providing a platform to share coaching methods and techniques as well as facilitating the option of players being loaned between the clubs. For example, during the course of the relationship, Arsenal players David Grondin, Liam Chilvers, John Halls and Graham Stack all spent successful loan periods at Beveren as did Emmanuel Eboue, who played in a number of trial matches with Arsenal whilst contracted to Beveren. Such was the latter player’s success, Arsenal subsequently signed Eboue on a permanent basis.

In addition, Arsenal confirms that it has never owned, directly or indirectly, any shares in Beveren or had any power whatsoever to influence its management or administration. It did in 2001 provide funds of 1,570,703 Euros by way of loan to a member of the consortium to assist in stabilising the finances of Beveren.

At no time has anyone at Arsenal been contacted by any regulatory or investigatory body with respect to its relationship with Beveren. Arsenal and all its staff have acted properly throughout, in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations, and in the best interests of Beveren, Arsenal and the broader footballing community. ‘


25 Replies to “Arsenal Deny Wrong Doing”

  • Initially I was proper worried, but after closely reading the Arsenal statement I reckon it’s going to be alright. I am trying to fnd an actual offence??

  • When i heard the news it sent shivers down my back but after reading the statement from the board I feel much better. Wait till the Jewish club down the road hears about it, I can hardly wait; I think not.

  • How can this have come to light? Surely as David Dein is clearly in charge of the Premier League, FA, UEFA, FIFA and NATO (according to all our wonderfully educated Spurs supporting friends), he could have kept it all under wraps!!!!

  • Don’t worry gooners following an investigation by the FA, FA chief David Dein has found Arsenal Vice Chairman David Dein entirely innocent on all counts

  • Yes YorkshireYid, entirely proved PTF point that you have no knowledge of Dein’s role at the FA. However, it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

  • wouldnt it be easier for dean to leave his post at the FA, should be sorted easily enough

  • Green – was has that got to do with anything? I appreciate you want to build your points score up, but please think about what you are saying before you say it.

  • Dot worrie im sure Dean can sort it or you could just pay your way out of it …….Nothing like a good bung

  • The board have spoken and the matter is ended. Doubleplusgoonergood. More soma?

  • Even if you didn?t directly own shares in the club it?s all a bit fishey. You just happen to loan the controlling consortium £1.5m? As this wasn?t for purely altruistic reasons what did you get out of it? If it all comes out in the wash that you didn?t contravene any rules you?ve tarnished the ?holier than thou? reputation Wenger and Dien have been cultivating by encouraging such an abhorrent exploitation of the Ivory Coast.

  • Statement from the board and you think everything is ok….I think at very least it is very fishy, the connections between the club and its investors are riddled with AFC connections, hard to deny a possible influence on the club. As for DD if his involvement is to be investigated by the FA, there is definate conflict. it would need to be independant, his position within the FA surely may have to come into question.

  • I could just see David Dein putting his hands together and saying”It’s a fair cop”.

  • This fishy smell is it the same as the food poison smell, nah only the Jewish mob down the road has food poison

  • That sort of thing makes football a very fascinating and andralin rising game. The statement is reassuring!

  • All premiership clubs have feeder clubs – our relationship with Beveren has never been private. However what about Abrahmovic’s links with MSI who own Corinthians and WEST HAM – now that’s fishy!!!

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