Date: 10th August 2007 at 12:29pm
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Arsene Wenger has seen fit to loan Swiss centre back, Johan Djourou, to Birmingham City until January.

Djourou, who Arsene Wenger told the press to ‘forget about’ when he signed for the Gunners, will join a whole host of ex-Gunners at St Anderew’s as he aims to gain some valuable first team experience. Indeed Steve Bruce has much to thank the Arsenal gaffer for after loans and cheap sales helped the Blues regain their premiership status.

The move comes as quite a shock to me, with only four recognised centre halves at Arsenal, any injury would leave us with Senderos as a first choice with no immediate back up.

I wonder if Wenger has something up his sleeve?


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  • is there ANY player that we could land from Birmingham? I mean after all these ‘favours’ (Upson, Pennant, Larsson, Muamba, Bendtner, Djourou) is there anyone worth taking a look at? I mean Brum does the players and us a favour as well, but AW could choose to loan them out to other clubs if he wished to do so. I am not the panicky type, but WE NEED TO SIGN SOME PLAYERS NOW

  • I’m tempted to say I see this as a mistake, but it might just be a good idea. He’ll be back in Jan when Toure and Eboue jog on to ANC, having played five months of first team football. He’ll be busy in the Brum defence as well, which should mean he’s nice and sharp for Jan. Brum have obviously been told there’s no question of buying him, Bruce said something like, “I think Johan can be an Arsenal defender for the next ten years.” But I still think we need another signing before 31st August, preferably for a wide midfielder.

  • i hope were buyin someone else, id rate djourou more than senderos, who are we to queston le boss ?

  • 2 things: a) if we’re signing a player we’d know feck all about it until it’s done; b) Does anyone know for sure if Adebayor (Togo) is playing at the ANC and wasn’t he suspended or smth by his FA?

  • I thought it ws a huge mistake till I saw it was only till January. He will get some great expeirance then he will come back when we need him this year.

  • That’s an excellent theory actually LD, however an injury would make that plan look rather silly. And considering our luck over the last two years I must say I don’t feel good about this.

  • I’m very much inclined to agree Rocky, we still look short at the back, though I understand Sagna can be deployed at CB, as can Bert as well. But I’d say our squad is too small if anything and would question trimming it. I think what I said above is probably in AW’s thinking.

  • Im not sure this was a good idea. unless he plans to use a couple of the reserve team players if we get an injury to Gallas or Toure. also Gilberto can play there and Sagna if needs be so maybe that is Wengers plan if things go tits up with injuries

  • I can see the wisdom behind the decision, but I dont like it. The squad is already a bit thin IMO, and we should be looking to add to it, not send players out on loan. My only fear is injuries, as Rocky pointed out. If we are lucky with injuries, then this will be a good move.

  • we need some depth at the back before january. is wenger assumming there will be no injuries? senderous toure gallas hoyte clichy sagna eboue and traore. and we have champions league premiership carling cup and internationals. I hope wenger doesn’t loan but buy more squad players, for these testing times.

  • I think Alex Song will be ‘deployed’ into the CB position.. I have a gut feeling that is why Wenger let Djourou go because we have a plethora of options in the MC position. He has mentioned Song as a candidate for CB before.. I think that is where this is going.. Sagna also could be an option.

  • Yep sagna will play there if we have any injuries for the first choice Cbs but I think he will be back before ACN and that is not a problem then, also Djourou will get more games playing for city and he will be ready for the big job

  • i havnt made up my mind about johan yet. he has some potential but i dont know how much and ive never realy seen him off the pitch. i cant tell how much he wants to succeed. he looks a bit too casual to me. but to be honest i hav no proper evidence for that. he has some talent tho.

  • i think this will be very beneficial to johan. similar to hoyte getting loaned to sunderland when they were god awful, he will be defending for his life out there

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