Date: 27th March 2007 at 9:22pm
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Following the ‘brawl’ (seriously, has anyone ever watched Rugby League? they knock 7 shades of shi…..poo out of each other and don’t even get sent off) that marred the Carling cup final, both Arsenal and Chelsea have been fined.

Each club received a fine of £100,000 and were spanked on the bottom with a geography text book.

An FA statement said.

At a Disciplinary Commission hearing today, Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC have each been fined £100,000 and reprimanded for the involvement of their players and officials in a mass confrontation towards the end of the Carling Cup Final on 25 February.

The clubs were charged with failing to ensure that their players and/or officials conducted themselves in an orderly fashion and/or refrained from provocative and/or violent behaviour. Both clubs admitted the charge.

The Commission stated that it viewed the incident as serious, unacceptable and damaging to the image of the game. However, it bore into account the guilty pleas and the mitigation put forward by both clubs.

It found that Arsenal players had been marginally more involved in the Carling Cup Final incident, but that Chelsea FC had past proven cases in recent years regarding the general behaviour of their players where warnings had been issued.

Arsenal get a 100k fine for being buggers in the final, and Chelsea slapped for being a consistent pain in the arse.



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  • Well Chelsea bein a constant pain in the arse is spot on i must say. I was at the final and it didn’t seem like much at the time but the fact that Arsenal were involved seemed to blow things out of proportion. If the referee had dealt with the previous stupid challenges with any conviction none of this would have happend. At the end of the day nobody got hurt so a 100k fine seems a little harsh.

  • i do wonder if ashely and drogba will get slapped a bit more for stamping on that fans head during the spurs fa cup game too ?

  • “damaging to the image of the game”, do you know what, that’s the best phrase I’ve ever heard to describe the F.A.

  • Can someone tell me how Barton’s tackle on Mendes, Gamst’s tackle on Eboue or Drogba and Cole kicking a restrained fan are positive images for the game? Come on Andorra.

  • It wouldn’t be so bad to take the punishment if it wasn’t being dished out by a bunch of ****wits… everyone say “We love the FA!”…nobody? Just Sir Harry then!

  • LD – tried to post on the other thread but it dont show up no more! lol. Last night (and the night before were great) It raised a smile reading of your Oasis experiences on the other post. Something we do seem to agree on!

  • I tried that too Jacky, having seen it balloon to 300 posts last night, but it seems to have been blocked which is fair enough I suppose as it went OTT… Back to the FA, it angers me that criminal tackles as mentioned above are not punished, but they will punish ‘handbags’ like in Cardiff… I played a bit of Sunday-league type footie for a while and put up with elbows cracking into my nose/eyeballs/ribcage but aside from getting hurt it’s plain cheating to illegally stop someone playing in that manner. So when I see people trying to break others’ limbs, my blood boils… Our own Diaby getting his ankle senselessly shatterred by a fool or good ole Roy “it’s a man’s game” Keane finishing off someone’s career with ONE tackle! What does the FA do to polish this all up? Answers on a postcard please.

  • Does my nut in an’all mate. earlier this season in a cup semi my side got kicked all over the park, and the ref was too intimidated to do anything. And then after they’d kicked the ***** out of us, and turned a deficit into a lead, they began to waste time. It seems it runs through from Premier league right down to Sunday league.

  • Well, especially after Sepp bloody Blatter said those things, it was no surprise that the FA came down hard. But the FA not referring to our past – does that mean our disciplinary record in the eyes of the FA is getting better :).

  • Oh and Jacky, probably the best Oasis anecdote I have is when I saw them in Finsbury Park, it absolutely ******** tipped it down, tot eh point that huge amounts of steam were rising from the moshpit and people were just rolling about in thick mud. The Charlatans were supporting and they were so crap that a big (plastic) bottle fight broke out between about 20k people. Unfortunately, a bottle full of warm, yellow liquid hit me and burst open on my shoulder. Safely assuming it to be *****, I took my jacket off and threw it to the ground. About an hour or so later, when they were playing cigarettes and alcohol, I saw the jacket about fifty yards ahead of me flying around the moshpit, with, get this, a pair of cordory trousers and a green wellington boot! I don’t know who decided to take their trousers off and surrender them to ten thousand nutty oasis fans, but I salute them.

  • I was there that day LD. I should suggest you weren’t the only one to be hit by said liquid. I also saw a geezer just get his knob out and start marking his territory! lol. Much to my mates girlfriend’s disgust! lol
    I saw them a couple of times in intimate venues aswell. Once on my 21st b’day. unbeatable. (although Liverpool’s Champions league win on the big screen was the support act!)

  • That was at the Astoria, my sister was at that gig. I couldn’t get tickets. Every time they play places like that, orange, t mobile and vodafone all crash because of high demand and they sell out in three secs or something stupid! If Liverpool winning the CL was your 21st birthday, that makes you roughly four days older than me. ******y.

  • It was at the coronet in Elephant and castle on my birthday mate. Which to clarify is 25.05.1984. I always try and book em online, cos you have more of a chance. saw em on the 10th anniversary at sheps bush aswell. amazing. You always get some nice surprises at these special gigs. Got “don’t go away” “talk tonight” and “sad song” at the Albert hall, to mention a few

  • Well my D.O.B is 26th May, 1984. I also failed in that noise and confusion 10th anniversary one. I’ve got a bootleg recording on my ipod of him doing Talk Tonight with Weller, and, amazingly, Fade Away with Johnny Depp. I saw a recording of him doing an acoustic gig on C4 a couple of months ago and he did this different version of Wonderwall which I think was inspired by Ryan Adams’ cover and is the best version of the song I’ve heard (even better than Mike Flowers lol).

  • Yeah that Johnny Depp Fade way is acoustic right? got that on a Japanese “Don’t go away” single. He played a similar version last night and the previous night.
    That C4 airing was almost the same as the shows at the albert hall, bar one or 2 setlist changes, and it included that version of Wonderwall, which i agree is the best ever.

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