Date: 27th December 2015 at 4:38pm
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Arsenal blew their chance to go top of the league on Boxing Day in spectacular fashion as they were whooped 4-0 at St Mary.

Southampton dismantled the so called league favourites without even breaking a sweat as the Gunners once again made a complete arse of their chance to go top of the Premier League in their own right.

I can`t think of a player worthy of praise as they failed from back to front, in it together, just all round terrible. The defenders failed to defend, the attacks failed to attack and the midfielders did very little midfielding.

There`s little point in trying to analyse where the problems emanated from as they were all equally bad.

Southampton`s first goal was a thing of beauty, I was even mad, just held my hands up and said “there`s nothing you can do about that” after the ball broke free for the Saint`s about 30 yards from goal and Martina ran on to it without breaking stride and hammered it with the outside of his right foot.

The ball bent, swerved, curled, all those good things, and Cech had not a prayer of getting to it. Had Messi or Ronaldo have scored that goal people would be talking about it for years, it was that good.

Their second goal had a touch of controversy as Shane Long committed a cynical piece of, well, cheating after tripping Koscielny when the ref wasn`t looking to leave him completely unmarked to tap in after some neat work by Mane.

It all went downhill from there. Two more goals conceded through extremely poor defending that left Arsenal running home with their tales tucked between their legs. It was an embarrassment of epic proportions.

The inevitable finger pointing at Arsene Wenger started after the game, but this was a team that had beaten Manchester City earlier in the week, an unchanged team that was on a run of four successive wins. Sure Southampton could have out-thought Arsene Wenger`s game plan but not to the tune of four goals.

No, this defeat lies squarely at the feet of the players, whether it be over confidence, complacency or arrogance, it was just plain bad.

However this team has done a decent job this season of coming back after a defeat, and if they needed a reminder that they need to work hard to earn three points then this was probably the best game for it to come in.

With Leicester facing Man City in the next couple of days and Arsenal hosting Bournemouth, there`s a decent possibility despite this set back we could still start 2016 a top of the league.

As long as we heed this warning Southampton so ruthlessly gave us.

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