Date: 21st December 2006 at 2:54pm
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Emmanuel Adebayor believes the current crop of Arsenal players has the ability to dominate the English game.

Adebayor himself is in a rich vein of form and has just recently won over the Arsenal fans, and he believes the rest of the young players can follow and Arsenal can return to the summit of the Premier League.

‘When I look at our squad I think we’ll be unstoppable within the next two seasons,’ he told the Daily Mirror.

‘With talented guys like Emmanuel Eboue, Cesc Fabregas, Johan Djourou and Theo Walcott, we’re the future of the English game and everyone can see that now.’


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  • He’s right about everything except one comment, “everyone can see that now.” That’s just it, they can’t, but they will, trust me, they will. How a side with an average age of about 23 playing its first season together can be in decline is beyond me. It reminds me of something Paul Weller did when he started the jam. Early reviews dismissed him as a revivalist, so he went on stage wearing a sandwich board which said, “How can I be a revivalist when I am just f*****g eighteen?”

  • Its not just the age they are its the experience they have. All of those mentioned above have actually been to a world cup, its incredible! we must be a little patient with them while they are still learning but trust me it will be worthwhile.

  • while i agree the likes of walcott and Fabregas can only get better, I dont think its impossible that the Arsenal team can win games now that we are not winning. we are good enough to win a lot of the games we are losing and I dont blame age. tactics, team selection and organisation are important factors. we are also conceding too many goals from set pieces. I dont think cesc or walcott are ever going to be 6 feet tall even when they are 25.

  • That’s another point I agree with gazzap. I think there are obviously other factors at work, but overall this season has to be looked at as a learning curve. Most of these deficiencies iron out with experience. I think a key phrase Wenger is adopting when we lose is, “we did not control the key moments of the game.” Winning is not always about playing well, I think a lack of maturity explains that. That is what Cesc will also learn to do in time, control the key moments (like he did at Wigan) more regularly. But you’re right about set pieces, the concentration has to be better.

  • For a team in “Transition” we are not doing too badly! We have some talented youngsters coming through and this could be the team of the future. We just need to be patient as we have been spoilt by our recent success over the past few years. Lauren and Diaby will be coming back soon and this is a big plus for our squad. The future is bright indeed – Cesc, Walcott, Bendtner, Lupoli, Larsson, Muamba, Merida, Van Persie, Adebayor, Eboue, Connolly, Traore, Fonte, Stokes, Randall, Van Den Berg. to name a few

  • defending set pieces is all about leadership and concentration, the boys will learn but we will all lose some hair while they do! If you check our defensive record pre Gallas injury it was the joint best in the premiership, the Guy is a leader and when he comes back we will improve immensly.

  • To be fair Sp*rs to have a future pie eating champion in goal, A future free Arsenal transfer in their defence, a future Man utd Centre mid in Tom Huddlestone and a future Rubbish dump in *****e Hart Lane!

  • I knew that one would get a few bites. But in all seriousness – with the young players we have in the first team (just as young as yours) and our policy of buying young talent – do you not agree that there is some truth in what I said. We have just as much right and reason to feel positive about our future as you do.

  • You do have a few players that could play at the top level of football. I think you will have problems keeping hold of them while they are still playing for you lot though. Money and the chance to play for a top team will be too appealling.

  • I do agree you have some good up and coming talent but unless you give them champions league football then they will have to leave to progress their careers. Lennon and Huddlestone would benefit greatly from champions league action, it would give them a massive boost to their fledgling careers. I also believe it has hampered King in his international aspirations as with champions league he would be respected throughout Europe, He is easily as good as Ferdinand but doesnt get half the great PR of GQ’s man of the year instead he is teased with the fact a squirrel has more CL Experience!

  • Agree with iceman10, I think you can be positive about your future but without CL it will be difficult to keep all the players. As much as it pains me to say it King is probably the best CB in England, how he doesn’t start for England when he has looked like the best player on the pitch when he player is totally beyond me. But hampered by playing for a smaller club. Not a dig at the spuds but just the facts.

  • Spurs definately have some cracking young players, but without winning anything they will never keep hold of them once the big clubs come knocking. Arsenal have great success in holding on to their players because we have one of the most respected managers in world football, a constant stream of throphies of the last ten years and regular Champions League football, in fact, everything Spurs don’t.

  • Spuds have good young players. Arsenal have exceptional young players. The likes of Djourou, Cesc, van Persie, Senderos, Clichy etc are excelling in the CL and most have gone to a World Cup. Spuds youngsters went to a different kind of WC on May 7th.

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