Date: 7th May 2006 at 7:17pm
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In this, the most exciting way to say goodbye to our glorious home of 93 years, it would surely be sporting of Vital Arsenal to offer a hand of respect to our North London neighbours.

However, our site has been flooded with Spurs fans, taunting, goading and teasing all season and while I don’t like to stoop as low as our tormenters of the last few months, I would just like to say one thing………….



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  • Too right. This is the closest Spurs have been to cathing us in the Wenger era, and didnt they let us know…….we’re entilted to some fun, right?

  • hahahahahahah.U thought u did it against us.Well u didnt.U`re team are so crap they couldnt beat westham.hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • f our players wouldn’t have been food poisoned you would never have caught us !! COYS

  • If eight of our defenders hadn’t been out at the same time, you would never have had the opportunity to be in front of us…..fair??………………………………………………………..And in what way are we protected? [Edited by pmust] [Edited by pmust]

  • sweet, and beautiful, thank you * 1000 to arsene, thierry, liam, charlie, tony, Dennis….the list is endless, for all the memories….but most of all to highbury! a fantastic day to be a gooner! goodbye highbury, you’ll always be a special place

  • I cant believe the amount of winging spurs fans on here!! go and soil the web pages of your own sites and let us enjoy our 4th Place!!! as thierry said, dont start celebrating with a game to go! it’ll bite you in the arse….literally!!!!! enjoy your highest ever league position and stop winging, you’ve had a great season by your standards

  • For sale 1 Barcelona shirt,purchased by a deluded bitter football fan who was going to cheer them on in The Champions League Final thinking that Spurs would finish 4th,now it doesn’t matter if Barcelona win cos you will still be in the Uefa Cup not The Big One.
    On a side note I was wandering what sort of food poisoning allows you to recover and play 90 minutes football 12 hours later cos I have had food poisoning and couldn’t do anything but puke and ***** for 48 hours.If you had used some of the vast number of quality Englishmen that form your enviable squad that were waiting in the in the wings for a game then you might have had 11 fit players on the pitch and not been moaning now.Laugh I nearly ***** myself.See you next year boys where we will be playing in front of 60,000 and probably bolstered our squad with a couple of new editions that will play CL football and not moan about not winning the League since 1961.

  • I suppose the fact of the matter is that Spurs fans will always put this season down to food poisoning, regardless of the fact we’ve been missing all of our 8 first choice defenders for at least 6 weeks of the season at some point. Credit where credits due – we were the better team over 38 games so enjoy it and ignore the Spuds. We’ve also had the distraction of a Carling Cup run and the road to Paris (58 games and counting) while Spurs only played 40 games all season – what a bunch of losers.

  • Coys you make me ***** myself laughing with your excuses about people being ill,why didn’t Jol do what Wenger has had to do when his whole first choice back line were missing and several of the other 6 remaining outfield players were injured or suspended,he just played people like Eboue(free)Flamini(free)Senderos(£500,000)Fabrigas(free)etc etc etc if some of your players were ill he should have played the fit ones after all you have assembled such a young exciting squad hahhahahhahahhahahahhahha.
    If the boot was on the other foot you would be laughing your heads off and maybe God looked down on your decision to be ungentlemanly and not kick the ball off while your Manager screamed “play play play”and thought this lot don’t deserve to be in the same League as Arsenal and your not.

  • Alan Sugar, Jurgen Kilnsman, Martin Jol, Edgar Davids, Vinny Sideways, Spuds everywhere . . . . .your boys took one hell of a beating!

  • Yh true it is excuses about food poisoning when we had so many injuries earlier in the season, but to this end of seson our Home and Away form has been the best every, its the best way to say bye to Highbury.
    We claim our rightfull place as 4th which at beginning of the season would be seen as bad, but now it seems much nicer.

  • Have to say I wanted Spurts to finish fourth, cos you gooners could have ended up with no CL as the mighty Barca will beat you in the CL. However the Whiney Spurts fans have been on our site giving it large to such an extent that I think it is great you can shove it right up em. They got what they deserved, always said they were a sh*tty team, seems I have been proved right. Congrats on your fourth place.

  • LOL, I do enjoy reading rival thoughts and reading the posts. It’s always easy to gloat.

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