Date: 22nd February 2006 at 7:05pm
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If Tottenham do perform the unthinkable and finish above us, these are the sort of games they will have to be able to play in. Ask yourselve’s this Spurs fans, you may be on a good run this season, and you may be above Arsenal (for now) but do you honestly think you could face a team like Real Madrid and pull off what the mighty Gunners did last night??

I will grudgingly admit that Tottenham are a vastly improved side this season and are heading in the right direction, but they are nowhere near to being in the same league as Arsenal. We have had a very bad year, suffered a crisis of confidence and had the worst injury list in living memory, yet it is still in our hands to qualify for the 4th spot.

Arsenal’s record breaking victory in Madrid was something to behold, something special, and something that could finally kick start our season.

Last night one of my best nights as a Gooner, and there has been some good ones, but without actually winning anything, this is the best feeling I have EVER had.

People may think I’m exagerating, but I’m not, when Henry scored the goal, I almost cried, I mean really, the feeling I felt at that moment is only rivaled by the way I felt on my wedding day, and still that was frigging close.

Never before have Arsenal been such underdogs, people just laughing at us and our chances of getting anything less than hammered, I took so much stick before the game it’s unreal, but rest assured I cast aside the rules at my work that demand I wear a uniform to don my brightest Arsenal shirt and scarf, and those p**s takers were made tp regret the day they picked on the only Gooner in the place.

The entier team played out of their skin, pace movement, invention, and most of all, belief. Belief in themselves, belief that they could do what no other English team had done, and win at the Bernabeau. And they did, in a fashion that no-one expected.

In a match where the referee was an absolute disgrrace, the players kept their cool, and passed the ball around like they were playing Bradford City. The disgusting performance by ITV’s people at the begining of the feature was completely wiped from the face of the planet with a display that will live in the memory of every Gooner who witness this, our greatest European victory, for the rest of their lives.

Even though the performance was one to remember, ITV still disrespected the rest of our battling heroes at the end of the programme by saying ‘One man over came the Galactico’s’, this performance was one of players with desire, one of youngmen who played beyond their years, and one that deserves every plaudit thrown at it.

I will not do our players the disservice of giving them ratings, because each and everyone of our lads performed above and beyond anything I expected, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, it’s times like this, that make me so so proud to be a Gooner.

Thank you Mr Wenger for one of the great performances of alltime.


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  • TBH Barnet would have beaten madrid last night. Nice Record for you to have the 1st english club to win in the bernabau in europe.. I bet the part about having no english players in the starting xi will be swept under the carpet. your still 6 games away from winning the thing & if you dont & spurs do finish 4th (or bolton / blackburn) It games like yesterday that you will think fondly back in & remembering what used to be…..

  • I would have to agree with the above. Madrid were crap last night. yeah great for winning etc but if you think its in the bag, think again. There is not a hope on this planet that madrid would be capable of winning the thing. Shaky at the back, aging in midfield and have a brazilian puffa fish upfront! Theres others that you need to worry about mate. Barca, Chelsea, Liverpool, Ac Milan, Juve. Gonna be one of them. Arsenal havent a chance!

  • Madrid were crap? or made to look crap by an outstanding Arsenal? At no point does it say anything about winning the Champion’s League, or even getting beyond this round. We’re just feeling proud of a massive victory, and pointing out that getting in the Champions League place is one thing, but as has been proved by Arsenal, it’s much more difficult to progress. We may not win the thing, but should Spurs get to the group stages, they would go no further. Up The Gunners.

  • You poor little man. You must have wrapped that scarf around your head a little tight, or you would have remembered watching one of the worst Madrid performances in recent memory. I’m afraid you’re going to be the “under-dog” with much more regularity now. Start getting used to an empty trophy cabinet.

  • Arsenal certainly make Real look poor, they were constantly making schoolboy errors under no pressure and were giving you so much space it was unbelievable. Any team in the top 6 could have beaten them last night.

  • Real Madrid may be the name, but they played like Leyton Orient reserves. Please dont get carried away. Juventus or Milan or Chelscum or Bayern or Inter or Barcelona will absolutely destroy you.

  • I can’t believe some people here trying to say Arsenal arenot good enough etc. ‘Empty trophy cabinet’? This is either a Chelsea fan or a bitter Spurs fan. Well if you are a Spurs man, when was the last time you won something. In fact when was the last time you beat Arsenal? In fact when was the last time you played a game in Europe?(1999?haha). Spurs can’t even get into the UEFA cup so they can’t evenbe mentioned in the same breath as Arsenal. Arsenal won in Madrid. When was the last time Spurs even played in Madrid?
    Arsenal have been the most consistent team in England for the last decade and it’s a record that no one can match. man U might have won more trophies during that period, but the gunners have never finished outside the top 2. If this season, they don’t get into the Champions league(I know they will though!) and Spurs do (which they won’t!), it will be funny to see how they perform while travelling to FC Thun, let alone the Bernebau.#
    If you know about football, you can never compare Arsenal and Spurs. Its an absolute insult to football if you do!

  • you really are pathetic! Its a moment for all english football fans to be proud of! Real Madrid were poor by THEIR standards but still played well, just no where near as well as us! Fabregas kept Zidane quiet, Flmani was all over Beckham for most of the game! Henry tore through their defence or the goal. Hleb, Fabregas, Henry, Reyes and Ljunberg all made passes that open up their defence!! stop being childish and admit that when they have their confidence Arsenal are ine of the best teams in the world! Your resentful and jealous! just pathetic!

  • What kind of a name is chisty? you spell like a backward geranium. Its spelt Bernabeu. And you are right, Arsenal cannot be compared to Spurs. We REAL North Londoners are far superior to the African impostors. You might have played in the Champions League for the last few seasons but they had to relax the rules to let you in. When we played in it, it was called the European Cup, and only the best team in its respective league was allowed in. We reached the semi-final, you so far have not, so stop crowing about beating Brazil reserves.

  • I’m sorry but writing this :: Thank you Mr Wenger for one of the great performances of all time :: is absolutely hilarious. Paul please send your material in to Ricky Gervase. Yes, well done Arsenal. No, we’re not interested in goading other teams. Yes its your only very slim chance of actually achieving anything this season.

  • What was the standard of football like back then eh? more childish comments . African imposters?? ur a racist….suprise! relax the rules??? more like make it longer and improve the standard! Brazil reserves?? Ronaldo, Robinho, Roberto Carlos, Ciciniho (sp)…yea sure!!

  • Paul,
    Absolutely spot on son. I felt exactly what you did and yes this moment even rivalled my own marriage too. These chuski and spud supporters are a bunch of absolute imbeciles. I cant remember the last time the try hard Spuds beat us or had a run like we have over the last decade however it was over 2 decades in 1985 when they last had the privelege of visiting Real and the couldnt win PFFFFT. You guys are a bunch of f**k wits, you really are…get back on your own weblog you losers as we have not won the ECL will not win the EPL but we have performed something none of you have ever done.
    Chucski lost, analled by Eto….your ECL campaign is over, they will slam you in Barcalona and as for the spuds and the ECL…..ahahahahahahahahahargh idiots!

  • Hey fitzy + co. can you read the top it says “vital football dot co dot uk Arsenal FC Fans News & Discussion Site”. hmmmmm I wander what that means?
    How does it feel guys for Chumski to get a bit of their own back and lose “controversially”?
    Ohhhhh its really refreshing for me!!!!
    I am having the best week of my life!!!!

  • Sounds like sour grapes to those non-gooners. They can say all they want but the fact was that Arsenal went to Madrid and got a result that no other english team has done in its entire history. So there’s another piece of record that they will not achieve. Real played poorly and it is the direct result of the entire Arsenal team took the game to them and did not allow them to play their usual game.

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