Date: 30th December 2005 at 4:05pm
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1) Villa seem to be having a somewhat sporadic series of results this season, how do you think your season is going and how do you think it will pan out?

Worst start for 35 years and some very dour displays. The players, for some reason, have appeared devoid of ideas and lacking in confidence although to be fair, they have rallied of late and are doing far better. I think we will end up in the ‘Ellis safe’ zone of around mid table. Mediocre for a club of our size, but what Doug wants, Doug gets! We might, if the team continue to show some of the new found attacking belief, push for Europe, but then again, our defence has been stretched with injuries and we are missing our two first choice defenders.

2) I understand there is a takeover bid going on up there, how are the fans receiving this and do you think it’s a step in the right direction?

Zzzzz! We keep being promised this that and the other, then nothing comes of it. I did an article on the very issue today which I think reflects the frustration! : Click Here A bid from the right group would certainly be welcomed, under Doug we have simply stagnated and although we have the platform, we never really pushed on from our 2nd placing in the inaugral year of the Premiership. Bet your hearts are bleeding! Must admit, every time someone (including Doug on regular occassions) has said we aren’t Leeds I’ve used the example of Arsenal saying we aren’t them either. Both similar sized clubs, we’ve got a higher capacity and less competition for fans in the area, etc etc. You have a good board, we simply don’t. Makes all the difference!

3) Who has been Aston Villa’s player of the year so far and why?

Hmmm. We’ve had players doing well in fits and starts. Young Steven Davis looks a great prospect and now he has added a few goals to his game, he should come on leaps and bounds. Baros has started to look real quality for us and despite the acusations that he doesn’t look up and pass, he actually has been for Villa. The problem for our strikers is service. Probably the player who started the best and now seems back in form is a loan player (which is sad really!). James Milner. When he is on his game, he really can make a difference, some of his passes are fantastic.

4) Which Villa player should we be keeping an eye out for on Saturday?

I’d say the combination of Baros and Milner for the reasons above. I’d also watch Luke Moore, he seems to be growing in stature and could become a Holte End hero, as he is a home grown talent.

5) With Seven goals in your last Two games, you seem to have found your shooting boots, who do you think is the best strike partnership for Villa?

Difficult to say because no partnership has been able to settle because of injuries. We did a poll recently and the favourite one appeared to be Baros and Phillips, but Phillips is missing with an ankle injury and it looks like O’Leary will continue to favour Luke Moore and Baros. Certainly no complaints from me and to have a quality player like Angel to come off the bench means we are doing alright in that department at the moment. Just great to see they have all remembered where the goal is and what to do when they get in front of it!

6) With O’leary being an ex Gonner and all, how do you rate him as a manager and do you think he is the right man for the Villa job?

I don’t rate him very highly and I am never sure he rates Villa that highly, he has certainly never made the effort to ingratiate himself with the fans. I do think he needs money – something he came to Villa to disprove – but at times the shape and motivation of our team has been appalling this year. Fair enough, we have had a run of injuries etc, but some of our capitulations have really taken the biscuit. Fans have certainly turned a few times this season and 96% wanted him out according to another poll I did after our league cup humiliation. I would guess that would be slightly lower after our recent run though!

7) Which part of Villa’s game is the weakest and in which area’s of the pitch do you think Arsenal could have the most joy?

Defence. We don’t have our rock and captain Olof Mellberg and Martin Laursen is out all season. Villa have conceded the most penalties this season and with the speed and grace of Henry, we could have problems. That said, Bouma is starting to look a lot better (well, as a player anyway, look wise I think he might be Shreks brohter!). Arsenal need to keep Barry and Milner quiet and keep coming forward. Give our players some time on the ball and we could spring a surprise.

8) Prediction for tomorrow?

My head says a loss, but my heart won’t let me admit that, so I’ll say a draw. But if Henry starts…….. I do think Villa are far more confident due to the recent good run, but we HAVE to make sure we don’t perform like we did against Man Utd, that was a totally unacceptable display.

9) And finally, one for the fat boys, where is the best place at Villa to get the nicest pies?

At Villa Park itself. Try a balti pie, trust me, you’ll not have tasted anything like that before!

I would wish you luck, but then, you’d know I am lying! A win against Arsenal could set up the remainder of our season, and if the battling version of our team come out, we might just do it!

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