Date: 6th February 2007 at 10:18am
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I know some Gooners have a completely different viewpoint with regards to Mr. Mathieu ‘Gilles Grimmandi II’ Flamini a.k.a. the Flamster, but I am one of those who has developed a liking for the young man. (Compared to the Grimster, Flam has bags of skill)

The reason why I am writing this is because I want to congratulate the gritty Frenchman for his first senior call-up, and wish him, hopefully, a successful debut for Les Blues and many more call-ups in the future.

As for his contribution this season in stats, Matthieu has started 16 games and came on as a substitute on 13, and produced 4 goals and 1 assist in all competitions. Most notable goal is the one coming against the Russians, where only an bad ref decision and an Essien thunderbolt deprived us of three points.

Once again congratulations Mr. Flamini!

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41 Replies to “Allez Les Flam!”

  • Anyone got any ideas on why Clichy isn’t in the squad? That boy is one of the best left backs around. In recent weeks he’s progressed so much, Evra’s playing well, but I just can’t see that there are two left backs better than Gael. Abidal looks cack to me!

  • In fact, Flamini’s a better left back than Abidal. Perhaps that’s why he’s been drafted in? 🙂

  • I agree re Clichy. LD, I’m in almost exactly the same seats for the CC final as I was against the Chavs in the F.A Cup final. That has to be an omen doesn’t it??

  • I agree, clichy is the nuts. However, Not sure Flamini should be in the squad with the talent they have….. bit like Dawson for England. With everyone fit there has gotta be 4 players ahead of him in the pecking order. not to say he is a bad player.

  • doubt flam will get a game but then again domench likes players like that but hates players like Pires. he is the GG of international football.
    dont tell everyone about clichy, I want to keep how good he is a secret for at least another year!

  • I always said that Clichy will be better than Cashley Hole if he avoids injuries. AW has bulked him up this year too, he and Aliadiere look like they have been doing overtime on the weights. Paul Robinson looks like he and Mido have been doing overtime in Burger King.

  • Yeah, well played to Flam, not too sure he’s high enough of standard just yet, and the decision to omit Clichy is ridiculous. We once had the best English left back, now we have the best French!

  • And the French team is 100 times better than the English, so by proxy Gael is a much better player than Cashley.

  • The Hurricane has been a better defender for some time, but hatespur is right, he has toughened up in a big way and he can really POWER forward, he’s always had the pace, now he’s got the aggression to get forward. In all honesty, I don’t think he’s better than Cole yet (although on current form he is performing much better), but I’m so certain he’ll get there. The fact is, when we sold Cashley, few people asked the question of who we’d get to replace him. That says it all.

  • Injury kept Clichy from developing but since replacing Cole he really looks the part and is improving all the time. My aunty looks better than cole, I suppose because the**** is injured. Cack is a good word and it also refers to underwear as in “hello darling get your cacks down”. I love this intellectual blog.

  • And emkay, that’s “kecks” you’re referring to. Trust me, I’ve tried that line many times! Cack is a slang word for excrament.

  • If you use the sentence, “get your cacks down”, she’ll think you’re wanting to make some sort of scat movie. However, “get your kecks down” screams sophistication, class and confidence. I urge everyone here to try it sometime (if you’re married you might want to practise some discretion).

  • i’m very happy for The Flamster, been always a big admirer of him and what he brings to the team. he’s one of those players who values the red and white and truly deserves to wear it. you’ll link him to grimandi, but for me, he’s more like the Romford Ray. hope he has a great game and a great future at Arsenal and the French national team, Arsenal’s French Connection rolls on..

  • bearing in mind this thread LD and Rocky, you must now see the benefits of being English! lol…. I knew there was a reason for our transfer “policy”

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