Date: 1st August 2008 at 7:23pm
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In an interview broadcast on Arsenal TV today Adebayor has revealed that he will put pen to paper on a new contract with Arsenal ‘in a matter of days`.

Adebayor insisted that he had never at anytime told anyone that he would leave Arsenal. Claiming his ‘phone was switched off while on holiday he said that he was unaware of much of what had gone on until he arrived back to rejoin the team.

“You can put whatever you want in the papers” he said “There has been a lot of people talking on behalf of Adebayor but I have never said I would leave the club.” Adebayor told Arsenal tv.

“I can say that here today. I’m ready to sign a contract. I’ve very good here, I’m very well here and my heart is with Arsenal. I had three years on my contract and am looking to add one or two more.”

In a press conference given earlier in the day Arsene said “The player gets a bad publicity against his own fans for things he has not said. That’s sometimes difficult to repair. There’s disappointment from the fans because they feel the player wants to go and in this case Adebayor came out to say I want to stay at the club.”

Explaining that his relationship with Wenger was still strong Ade assured us “When we started talking about my contract I never told him I’d be leaving this club and he knew my desire. My desire was to stay at this club so for me he’s like my father, he’s my boss so whatever he tells me I’ll do it, so our relationship at the moment is always strong.”

While many of the quotes came from third parties including independent agents not directly connected with the player or any of the clubs involved it is clear that some sort of dialogue had been going on between Arsenal and others which at least explored the possibility of Ade going. This though may have been an all too public game of contract brinkmanship between player and club. One which both sides have now decided needs to be repaired.

Immediately post season Wenger was determined to keep the current squad together believing its development would yield even greater success if he could do so. On the basis of that objective this has to be good news for the club. Is there anything for Adebayor to repair with fans? To reach the levels of support he enjoyed last season – yes. But as Ade himself said today, what he did last season is already behind him and what he does next season is all that matters now.

Fans were willing to forget Vieira`s sequence of summer flirtations provided he did the business on the pitch. Ade should expect to be treated no differently.

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