Date: 2nd May 2007 at 11:38am
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The big game of the weekend see’s Cashley return home for the first time since his acrimonious move to Chelsea, and everybody in the footballing world knows that Cole will be in for a rough time.

However former team mate of Cole, Manu Adebayor, has called for the impossible and urged Gooners to back Arsenal rather than slate Ashley ‘I almost crashed my Bentley’ Cole.

‘I don’t know what happened between Ashley and the club, I just know him as a footballer,’ Ade said. ‘He is a good player and a good person. I like him because when I first came to the club he helped me a lot’.

‘I hope the fans focus on us rather than him. We want them behind us rather than what Ashley is going to do.’

‘I don’t know what he has done to them. If they just shout at Ashley I don’t know what that will achieve. If they cheer for Baptista or me to score or Kolo (Toure) to defend then that will be better.’

On any other occasion I would have to agree with Adebayor, being positive supporters is an important part of the game, however this time I feel the big Togolese striker is fighting a losing battle. Most Gooners still feel hurt by Ashley’s inability to be the bigger man and deal with the situation in an adult fashion.

Would any of us held is against him had he put in a transfer request after he was screwed over by the board? I wouldn’t. But the devious little sod went behind all our backs to one of the most hated clubs, and then even had the audacity to bring out a book, laughable called ‘My Defence’ as if to justify himself to the Gooners.

Well I’m sorry Cash, but you did the crime………….


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  • Its not like he was your star player and decided to leave on a bosman to your arch rivals or anything, now that deserves getting abuse from your old clubs fans.

  • No stretch, but he was a Gooner, and he went behind our backs and even lied through his money grabbing teeth. Complete scumbag.

  • Adebayor is saying arse fans should be bigger than this. Appaentky you’re saying you aren’t. No news in that.

  • To be honest I don’t really care about him leaving to Chelsea. It’s the book that followed it was moronic as most people didn’t hate him in the first place.

  • I wrote an article about this prior to the game at ther Bodge, I know he’ll get grief, but I really hope he doesn’t. It’s completely counterproductive for a start, Cole’s best games for Arsenal were when he was getting stick. Secondly, people like Cole just aren’t worth the air in my lungs, he’s a *****, we got rid and got Gallas, Clichy has come on in leaps and bounds since his absence and looks like he could be the better player anyway. I for one, will not say a single word or join in with a single chant against him. I got *****ed off with him for meeting Chelsea in the first place, that’s when I spent my anger, Wenger should never have picked him after that. Now he’s just a poor excuse for a human being and the world has a funny way of dealing with people like that without 60,000 being bitter. Let it go.

  • I dont care about him leaving to Chelse it just benifted us we got a better left back than him (Clichy)and we got a world class center back so I think it is more imortant for Arsenal Fans to be behind their team rather than abusing Cashly Cole (he is already regreting him move to west london)

  • I’m not saying we should spend 90 minutes abusing the little turd, but we need to let him know we’re there. I’d like to be able to take the moral highground but when all’s said and done, I’m just a bitter old man 🙂

  • Gunners is right, it was the vitriol in his literary masterpiece that cocked it up… Fair enough, in the end he got his extra £5k a week and has now been reduced to sitting at fullback and lumping the ball to Drogba all day

  • When Cashley has the ball every Arsenal fan should abuse him but when he doesnt have it , it is better to sing to our players rather than Cashley and his girlfreind(the whore)

  • Isn’t it an English proverb that says “Revenge is a dish best served cold”? We’ve had it out with him already so, I’m 100% in favour of not giving him more grief. I’d prefer to batter them on the pitch and leave cashley to reflect calmly and quitely on his lonesome.

  • “In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.” Francis Bacon. Word. Or another one, “live well, it is the greatest revenge.” Can’t remember who that one was, might have been me when I was pished 🙂

  • he’s a none-too-bright man (by his own admittance) who is more obsessed with money and fame than with decency (I say that is backpayment enough 😉 ), who should NEVER have played in thechampions league final, it should have been flamini. plus shouting at him will only feed his ego. But, well, just this once, well, i guess it wouldn’t hurt though. Careful not to do any homophobic chanting though, or you’ll have peter tatchell jumping down your throat (cue sid james laugh…), but it’s okay for opposing fans to call our manager a truly vile thing… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Well said LD. The little money grabbing t**t deserves sweet FA from us. I would not waste my breath. The best thing we could do is cheer on our team, watch Eboue skin him, cross and Cesc, bury it in the net. That would be the best payback ever. Little Cashley deserves the Little Special one, they are both whingers and they both think they are superior to everyone else. Of course we know better, they have secret meetings and go behind your backs. Um, doesnt sound so special to me.

  • It’s amusing that a team he called a bunch of young pretenders who didn’t have to will to win got further in Europe’s most prestigious club tournament than the club he currently resides with. Well hey, at least he’s got that league cup medal to carry around, which he earned by riding the pine. I wouldn’t say a word to him myself, but I wouldn’t blame fans for having a go at him for this fixture. After that, just ignore him forever…based on what he wrote in his book, that would grate him even more anyway.

  • I think Gooners have every right to let him know how they feel about his graceless behaviour and disrespect to the club. His book just made it worse. He should be booed forever and ever whenever he touches the ball. Sorry LD, I am all for forgiveness, but this one is stronger than anything.

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