Date: 2nd July 2008 at 11:00am
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Adebayor’s agent, St├ęphane Courbis has begun damage limitation after Manu fell from grace with a majority (though not all) Arsenal fans.

The News Of The World printed quotes in their Sunday paper accredited to Adebayor, some believe them, some don’t, but in my opinion, the big striker should be held completely accountable if these quotes are proved to be true.

Courbis began his statement painting Ade as the player we all believed him to be.

“Since the beginning, there has been a love story between Adebayor and Arsenal and his relationship with Wenger is based on trust and respect,” Courbis said.

“Emmanuel is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy. He is a kid from the street, has sensibilities and is humble. If this was a money problem, then he would have asked to leave. I know that Arsenal`s political position is that they don`t pay high salaries.”

But ultimately he exposed himself to be on the exact same agenda as the person (be it Ade or not) whose quotes were printed in the Sunday red top, when he finished by saying, “It is important for Emmanuel that Arsenal show their motivation to keep him, whatever they will decide, the decision will be taken with respect.”

I’m sorry, but since Adebayor only signed a new deal only 12 months ago, Arsenal don’t need to do a damn thing to keep him, in fact it should be Manu to show Arsenal HIS motivation for the Gunners to keep him.