Date: 18th February 2008 at 4:02pm
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In the wake of two pretty horrible defeats to both our geographical and competitive rivals in the past month there have been some over the top reactions to say the least. Where are we on the league table? Where are United? And even more to the point where are T*ttenham? The team supposed to usurp our top four position this season according to such footballing luminaries as Jamie Redknapp, Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer, Andy Gray and Lawro. At the heart of much of this criticism have been some of the more generally respectable Arsenal blogs, as was also the case during last season.

There have been those that have kept positive, or ‘rose tinted` as our detractors would call us. The likes of Arseblog, the Goonerholic and us here at Vital Arsenal (with the exception of Simmo`s match predictions) have still rarely had an overly negative sentiment or glass half empty opinion to utter. We may have had to endure some painful and humiliating insults at work, university, school or whatever other social situation you find yourself in but that is hardly looking at the bigger picture. These insults from the Scum and Scum alike fans are simply a sign that they are jealous of our position, from a T*ttenham fans point of view the CC may mean something, but any United fan who tells you they wouldn`t trade that flogging for our league advantage is a liar, and a bad one at that. Whats more, you know we`re considered a serious threat to other sides ambitions from the fact that the Chav fans are all having a dig as well, when in seasons past we were barely considered worth a mention.

The response to these games form some sites has been nothing short of disgraceful. Yes Eboue can be an embarrassment, and at best Gilberto looks past it but I read one site that proclaimed that Niklas Bendtner and Traore simply aren’t good enough to ever play for Arsenal. One is 18 the other 19, that is lunacy. What is even more insane about this absurd and ill conceived proclamation though is that same sight was singing both players praises after victory against Blackburn in the Carling Cup.

Many Arsenal blogs have fallen foul to the comments section before. One blog entry to negative and all the ‘Sack Wenger’ brigade feel they have found a spiritual home and come out to prey on the carcass of a performance like that and then remain forever. It happened to Arsenal blogs last season in our slump of exactly this same time and destroyed the site to the point he had to ban comments altogether. It now looks like it has happened to further Arsenal sites as well. When these twits who claim Wenger is a disgrace, Cesc should be sold to Barca immediately and Gallas is a closet Chelsea agent find themselves a website they deem as like-minded to inhabit they ingrain themselves in the woodwork and cling on for dear life. Arsenal bloggers need to be wary of this, as one post that captures a foul mood amongst the more pessimistic Gooners and all your hard work to make a respectable blog can be undone and your site ruined forever.

Now all that said I still feel that the performances were a disgrace, to the travelling fans especially, but as any football fan should realise, you travel to a place like Old Trafford at your own peril, knowing full well that a result like this is a possibility, the result at White Hart Line was a one off and should be treated as such. It is part of the territory and no fan, even an Arsenal fan, is immune to a flogging every now and again. The two floggings we have received this season have both been all that much harder to take due to the fact that they both came against bitter rivals, but hey, if you have to get two floggings in a season wouldn’t you prefer that they were both in domestic cup competition? I know I would.

If come May, or even better April 12th at Old Trafford, we have won the League Title then both these results and all the gloating and smart arse remarks we have had to endure from Manc’s and Scum fans a like will be as irrelevant as Jose Mourinho to this seasons premiership, both sets of rival supporters know that and are accordingly doing all they can to get in the jokes now. If we don`t win the league I still feel personally that what I wanted to see this year from Arsenal was a tangible improvement in the league and a CC or FA Cup while still finishing a distant forth would have made me much less satisfied than I currently feel.

All in all we have suffered some seriously hurt pride, but no real hurt ambition. Cheers, from Ozi-Land!