Date: 23rd March 2017 at 8:43pm
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The numbers have been crunched from the Brexit vote and details have now been given for each local authority to provide an ‘idea’ of how fans of each Premier League club may have voted in the referendum.

The figures used are taken from full local authority counts so do not directly represent an individual clubs fanbase, it’s a reflection of the overall vote from people in that area – but it provides an interesting indication of a fanbase’s thoughts in the vote.

The legwork was done by political analyst Mike Smithson and his report on the numbers can be read Here if you want to delve slightly more into the political ends of the results for each area.

Suffice to say for this purpose, the Premier League was split 50/50 with fans of ten clubs voting remain and ten voting leave. Sides flying high in the league are more likely to have been remainers, with those struggling at the bottom of the table having a greater chance of voting leave.

That of course tends to reflect the areas of the country who more prosper it seems from immigration as opposed to those areas where there is more concern.

Clearly the multi cultural element of London stands out in the figures and as you push further north up the country you see bigger changes in the figures provided.

But it’s a slow international break and I found it interesting.

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