Date: 12th November 2006 at 11:43pm
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There are many phrases I could use for today’s home performance against Liverpool….disrespectful, below par, second rate, pathetic.

You do realise I’m not talking about the players don’t you?!?

After all the moaning and groaning. ‘Arsenal players don’t shoot’ … ‘They aren’t playing for the shirt’ … ‘We need to see more passion’. Well today, you got what you aked for, yet still it wasn’t good enough.

For weeks now debates have rumbled on regarding people turning up late, not singing and leaving 15 minutes before the end of the game, but today, for me, it went a step too far.

The early signs were great, everyone in their seats long before the minutes silence, awesome atmosphere with singing pretty much from start to finish, but after a quality performance that saw us easily defeat a top four team 3-0, some of the so-called fans still buggered off home early.

We, as a club, have been under massive pressure over the past few weeks. Results have not gone our way, and a loss today would pretty much seen us doomed to a dogged fight for second spot at best. The players fought, they gave 100% and what did they get for their efforts, a half empty stadium.

Kolo Toure and William Gallas gave their all today, in swashbuckling performances that deserve to have all the plaudits in the world heaped upon them, but instead upon the final whistle, they were greeted with the sight of the backs of peoples heads.

I constantly hear people moan that they pay their ticket price so they are entitled to do as they wish, but if they continue to leave the players feeling unapreciated then eventually, the players won’t give a toss either.

Today the Arsenal squad proved they are a force to be reckoned with, and 20% of the fans proved they are nothing but a bunch of fair weather fans who couldn’t really give a crap about the team.

I hope and pray that Thierry and his boys read articles such as this, and instead of feeling unwanted by the so-called fans who leave early and don’t appear to care, they appreciate the other 50,000 fans who live and breath Arsenal.

We need to support our team, not use them as a fashion accessory.

But then again, I guess you wouldn’t find the ‘fans’ I refer to, reading this article in the first place.