Date: 31st December 2007 at 1:26pm
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With the news emerging today that Dimitar Berba’sOff is looking to leave the Tiny Totts, should a big club come in who can match his ambitions and quality , perhaps we should bid for the fellow?

After all, we are top of the table, one of the most financially-sound clubs in the world, can offer Berba’sOff regular Champions League football, and play possibly the most enlightening and attractive football in Europe.

And the press continually say we need another striker (which is, in the humble opinion of your writer, complete and utter codswallop).

One reason why we don’t need another striker is that we already have fantastic forward quality in the squad, namely RvP (if this boy could go an entire season injury-free, he could rack up a serious goal tally), Eduardo (who, as pointed out in LD’s Everton report, and by several comments posted in response to the article, has a phenomenal goal-to-shot ratio. When he signed, I likened him to our new Ian Wright, and suggested he could be akin to a Robbie Fowler, such was his prowess for his previous team and for his national side – something Arsene mentioned also, at the weekend after our 4-1 win. His unpredictability and coolness is sure to play a big part in the second half of the season…), and of course, Adebayor.

Ade, for his part, has shown today that he does not have the same concerns of Berba’sOff, being quoted in today’s press as saying that he wants to stay at Arsenal for life.

I am a Gunner for life and I want to stay as that. I am enjoying London.

The fans are great so why look elsewhere? I’ve always had a soft spot for Arsenal and many people in Africa support them so I also caught that fever.

I had offers from other clubs but I chose Arsenal because it is a place I can make good progress.

So there we go, our boy wants to stay put. With RvP due to return from injury, Eduardo due to kick on in 2008 (as Arsene is anticipating, and judging by the Everton game, he seems to be right once more), and Bendtner showing his qualities in glimpses this season (his faltering performance against the toffees is to be written off – he is a young player, and as such, will suffer from fluctuations in form whilst he finds his feet in the team – it happens, get over it…)

For all the spuds, may I remind you of how many of your fans were ramming the exit of TH14 down our throats, and telling us we were finished? Now the boot is on the other foot, seemingly – should Berba’sOff get his wish and leave, will this finish you as a club, as he he is without a shadow of a doubt the brightest talent in your squad. Solace can be found though, by looking at the way we coped with Henry’s departure – should your Bulgarian striker up sticks and depart, it does not necessarily spell disaster, so keep heart.


And whilst I’m writing, can we pur-lease stop with the ‘get rid of Ade, bring in Bendtner’, ‘Dudu ain’t gonna cut it’ or ‘we’ve lost the title, now ManYoo are gonna win it’ stuff already, it’s a long season, many twists and turn along the way, sure, we’ll all get nervous, suffer highs and lows along the way, but try not to fall into the trap of knee-jerk reactions.

At the start of the season, who’d have thought we’d be sitting where we are as we enter 2008? I had complete faith in Arsene’s squad, but only optimistically envisioned us challenging for the title, if the truth be told, I didn’t think we’d be able to mount and sustain a serious challenge.

But we appear to be doing just that. If we suffer some more troughs along the way, there’s no need to panic, or flip out and wail that we’ve imploded. We don’t have any divine right to win anything, trophies must be earned, and we’ve endured a lean couple of years. Remember, we’ve always been punching above our weight in comparison to those we have challenged for the Premier League. What we can do without is behaving like spoilt brats throwing their toys out of the pram. What I’d say to anyone who gets real worried that we might blow it is just sit back, and enjoy the ride, it’s a ride we’ve not been on for the past couple of years, so maybe we’re sometimes just re-acquainting ourselves with the road.

May I take this opportunity, from myself, and on behalf of Paul, Tim and Nick, to wish all you Gooners, regulars to this site, as well as those who have clicked on the article to read VF Arsenal for perhaps the first time, and indeed, those from the other VF club sites, a Happy and prosperous New Year in 2008 – whatever you are doing, wherever you are going tonight, or indeed, for some of you, where you have already been and done, I hope you have (or had) a great time.