Date: 13th March 2007 at 9:03pm
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Speculation regarding Robinho and a move to Arsenal is refusing to go away so I thought that I`d look at some of the Real Madrid star`s strengths and weaknesses.

He hasn`t had the best of times in Spain to date, dipping in and out of form, but he has shown in glimpses what he is capable of. He has been compared to some all-time greats since he made a name for himself, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Pele to name but a few.

So, let`s have a look at him.

Pace: 9/10. This has to be one of his biggest strengths. Not only can he cover ground amazingly well when sprinting, he also has great pace when running with the ball. He certainly wouldn`t have any problem getting past the majority of defenders in the Premiership, at least not if it was a flat sprint.

Strength: 4/10. His strength has to be one of his biggest weaknesses. Even when he was in Brazil everyone said that he would have trouble coping with the physical nature of Europe`s leagues, even La Liga. He does seem to be stronger now than when he arrived in Spain but he would still find the bullish nature of the Premiership tough to handle. He would have to work hard on this ig he was to move to Arsenal.

Finishing: 7/10. At times he finishes like he Thierry Henry or Van Nistlerooy, other times he looks like Francis Jeffers on an off day! There`s no doubt that he could be a 20+ goal striker, if only he could build a bit of consistency.

Skill: 9/10. His stopovers would leave C. Ronaldo feeling dizzy. His skill rivals that of Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. Make no mistake though, he is no show pony, he uses skill to beat players, not just to look good. He could certainly set the Premiership alight in that department.

Teamwork: 7/10. This lad likes his silky skills but he is not a greedy little so-n-so (Ronaldo cough, cough). He would fit into the Arsenal side with no trouble. He can pass while moving at speed, can pick out a wicked through ball and he`s always looking to get the ball forward, something Arsenal have surprisingly lacked at times.

Versatility: 8/10. Robinho started out as a striker in Brazil, and continued in that role when he first arrived at Real Madrid but it didn`t take long for him to be deployed on the wings. He can play as an out and out striker, he can play effectively in the hole as a second striker, and he can play as a left winger cutting inside or as a right winger getting crosses in. Versatility is another trait Arsene Wenger likes in his player.

Attitude: 8/10. He works hard for his team, showing great determination even when those around him are giving up. He hasn`t played as big a role as everyone thought he would at Real Madrid but I`ve only heard him complain once since he arrived. Last month he went public with his displeasure at the lack of first team football he has been given under Capello.

The arrival of Gonzalo Higuain and likely arrival of Frank Ribery could well spell the end of his Real Madrid career. A transfer to Arsenal would be no foregone conclusion, he is still one of the worlds best young player so expect a race for his signature in the event of his exit.

That`s just some thoughts on the youngster; if you have any views then get yourself over to our forum and let us know.


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  • Yeah I would be happy for him to come to Arsenal. He is a great player with high ambition. Overall I agree with what you say though I think his strength is a 6 instead of 4.

  • oh and I forgot to put in that he said he would never join spurs because they are not a big club.

  • After Edu had left us he said Robinho was the player Arsenal should pull all stops out to sign. I agreed then and I must agree now.

  • All in for him to join the Arsenal. whats the breakdown ribery? haven’t seen much of him outside world cup.

  • I have ‘sewious weservashun’ (tony ‘bawon’ from Reeves&Mortimer’s ‘the club’ sketch) about whether robinho could cope with the physical nature of the prem, he does look like an incredibly slight-built player. Would love to see him here, but the last thing we need is for another reyes-style-situation, where the player gets defeated mentally by roughing up on the pitch, and never regains that certain something that made the manager buy him in the first place… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I agree with everything simmy said, except his atitude.He got some bad atitude problems.Ronaldo influenced him alot.

  • dont want him unless it involves getting rid of reyes in the process, i dont really agree with alot of what you have just said and he IS greedy more so than c.ronaldo, the guy is just denilson reborn.

    If we get him instead of ribery i will be furious, ribery is twice the player this guy is. i would rather simao than robinho also, hes too much hassle than what hes actually worth, NO THANKS !!

  • i think gilberto, baptista and denilson could be a huge pull for him to come to AG, and that woud settle him straight away !

  • I wud rather stick with the beast, rather than get screwed over the price of this guy. Baps is close to completing his ‘settling in’ season, yet is still adjusting to the physical side of the game despite his monstrous frame. I think Rob would need longer, time we just dont have.

  • We don’t need another striker who plays deep, what we need is a poacher who can finish off all the chances the midfield creates.

  • Given a choice, I would more prefer if Arsenal sign player in the following order ; Ricardo Quaresma > Riberry > Robinho

    Ricardo Queresma: had really come off age from his Barsa spell with his wing play and his decisiveness in shooting in or outside the box

    Riberry: Great winger but I don’t think he would add alot in term of our goalscoring tellies

    Robinho: Immense skill but there is no decisiveness in his play and yes I do sense the Reyes in him.

  • I agree with AB: creating chances is not the problem, making them count is. We need a clinical, consistent goalscorer, especially when van Persie isn’t around. If we had solid back-up in that department, we’d be in more competitions than we are now, maybe even have a league cup medal.

  • maybe it’s just a matter of getting over the world cup hangover, and if we don’t have so many replays in the cups next season, the team will be fresher, and the essentiall quality of our current squad will shine through. Than all these overpriced ego-maniacs can go elsewhere, and we’ll beat them

  • There’s no doubt this kid has potential, but I’m optimistic about him if he moves. He will adapt if he is good enough though it will take time, the 1st point simmy mentioned – PACE!! I dont think Arsene looks at a player these days if he doesnt have pace. Better than Ribery in that aspect. A tough choice between Ribery and Robinho, though I doubt Real will let us have that choice withRibery.

  • who knows, i have to say, march is slightly early for summer transfer rumours… i do think however a keeper is much more needed than any other position.

  • A great idea this is. We are currently struggling due to too much build up, being too lightweight and not being able to finish, so go and buy someone who is lightweight, can dribble for fun and can’t finish. Ribery isn’t the answer either. Ever asked yourselves why his name is never in the papers??

  • I dont think Robinho will be good enough to make it in the Prem. He’ll get pused off the ball too easily and will be crowed out by defenders, which recently has been a trait of wengers strikers (aliadiere, walcott, lupoli) We should bring back Bendtner as he has everything needed to cope, strength being the key. And then sign one World Class striker to score 20+ a season. My choice being Klose or Torres

  • Ribery has been around for years and hasn’t exactly set the world alight. He can’t seem to stay at 1 club long enough to grow a beard, has fallen out with managers and is reputed to have an attitude problem. Coupled with the fact that he wouldn’t be allowed to play before the watershed for fear of scaring the junior gunners, then I would say he would be a bad buy.

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