Date: 15th March 2007 at 8:03pm
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With only a grainy internet feed keeping me updated with the events at Villa Park, my tv in the back ground flicked between Eastlands and White Hart Lane.

Whilst keeping an eye on the laptop I noticed during the 5 minutes stints at White Hart Lane a number of empty seats in the ground despite this being their biggest European match in years (and them being the self proclaimed ‘best fans in the world’).

White Hart lane was some 3,000 fans shy of full capacity as Berbatov led them into the quarter finals (he’ll be the next player to leave, far too good for Spurs) of the Wafer Cup.

I’d like you to bear that in mind when I tell you only a couple of miles down the road 39,000 Gooners crammed (ok not quite, there was a bit of leg room) into Ashburton Grove to watch Steve Bould’s Arsenal youth team beat Man Utd (they just can’t beat us this season) in the first leg of the semi final youth FA Cup.

The record crowd watched an entertaining game as the Mini Gunners took a slim advantage going into the 2nd leg thanks to a stunning goal from Kieran Gibbs.

This is what being a big club is about.

If there are any Vital Arsenal members who attended the match last night and would like to give us a match report to be published on the front page, please do so by leaving a message in the site forum.


177 Replies to “39,000 Put Spurs To Shame”

  • Shame on the F.A for putting this on the same night as a first team fixture, imagine what the attendance would have been then! Why couldn’t the Villa game have been played Saturday? Still, it’s nice to know we get more for youth cup games than the Chavs get for CL games.

  • I’ve seen the highlights on ATVO and the goal was a peach. Barazite & Merida also looked in good nick.

  • Hold on a second Paul… Your having a go at Spurs fans for not turning up for their game when you didn’t travel to Villa Park OR even go to Emirates to watch the youth side!!! Double standards or what?!

  • Not that it’s any of your business cheif but travelling 300 miles on a Wednesday night would cost a pretty penny, and considering the impending birth of my first child, I have to choose my games for the rest of the season. Coupled with the fact I had to be up at 4.30 this morning for work, it wouldn’t have been a good idea. Good enough for you?

  • lol, rocky you’re wrong.We’ve won one already.Who did we beat??The spuds go on and on and on about how great their support is, yet no one goes to the games!I think they’ve realized they can’t win it.

  • Do Chelsea have a youth team? Seriously. Perhaps they could deploy all the Siberian kids their owner has orphaned?

  • 39,000 tourist’s let in for a quid,well done you must be proud.Enjoy your exciting end of season,yawn.

  • Enjoy your inevitable capitulation. You know it’s coming. You better pray you avoid Sevilla in the next round.

  • Being 28,i could’nt really say.Soz,it was’nt a quid it was £1.50 with a programme chucked in.

  • HTG, answer the following question with a simple yes or no. Have you ever seen Tottenham win the league? (I know you’ve seen the league title won at WHL, but that doesn’t count!)

  • Only a year older than you and I’ve seen Arsenal win it 5 times. Thats 3 more than you club has won in it’s entire history.

  • Is that Sevilla who drew 2-2 at home to Donestk then needed an injury-time equaliser to get to extra-time.Scary.Then again i’m just chuffed that we’re the only British team left in the cup and that NO-ONE will fancy drawing us.
    Dimitar’s 2nd goal last nite was even better than Alex’s last week.

  • HTG, that measn you were twenty years old the last time Tottenham even won a game against Arsenal. Ouch!

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