Date: 27th June 2006 at 4:02pm
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A football agent with heavey ties with Real Madrid named Pedro de Felipe has offered a £200,000 bet to anyone who reckons Wenger will sign for Real Madrid, and dismissed the story as ‘All lies, completely false’.

The agent had correctly predicted that the Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid story was fabricated, and is once again prepared to question the candidate.

‘The Wenger story and the candidacy of Villar Mir is false,’ de Felipe told Spanish newspaper As. ‘All lies, completely false.

‘I said the same thing about the (Carlo) Ancelotti story, going against everyone else, stating that, too, was a lie and time proved me to be right.

‘The source of that false information was exactly the same as the one used now. The origin is the same and everyone knows what I am talking about.

‘I shall go further. I will bet ?300,000 (£200,000) that Wenger has not signed up with anyone and that on Monday July 3, Villar Mir will not present Wenger as coach.

‘I shall place this amount of money with a lawyer if needs be. I am prepared, though, for them to prove me wrong and shut me up.

‘I know that 20 days ago, there was a meeting in Paris. I know who was there and what happened.

‘When the identity of the people who were involved comes out, many people are going to hide away.

‘It is the same people that made up the story about Ancelotti. They will do anything to create expectations before the elections to play on the feelings of the fans and members again.’

‘He (Wenger) will (deny it) do so, in some form, very soon. Wenger, who I speak to often, has authorised me to state that his supposed commitment to Villar Mir and Carlos Sainz is an invention and that he has not committed himself to anybody.

‘Some people try to sell smoke, but the fact is that Villar Mir and his whole team are smoking the pipes.’

It’s good to see someone speaking out so strongly against this bully of a club.

Would anyone like to take up the bet?

I’ll keep my money thanks.


12 Replies to “£200,000 Bet On Wenger, Anyone?”

  • It amazes me though that arsenal have stayed quiet over the whole thing. David Dein was actually insulted in that spanish radio interview & yet arsenal dont feel any need to respond. Man utd have come out straight away regarding ronaldo & telling madrid to get lost, yet madrid are openly tapping up reyes, cesc & wenger with no response at all.

  • Arsenal very rarely respond to rumours, infact the one in recent memory was Thierry Henry, which actually turned out to have ‘some’ substance.

  • The wenger story also has substance because he did meet the madrid people, infact he doesnt even deny that, the only thing he denies is that he came to an agreement with them. I dont expect arsenal to comment on all rumours but when they openly insult someone & continually tap up players arsenal should be reporting them not just allowing them to do it. Arsenal fans have had years of our players being tapped up from either real madrid or barcelona & its got beyond a joke now.

  • And how do you know that he met up with anyone? And for a matter of fact, Arsene Wenger said last week that he had come to no arrangement with anyone.

  • Well everyone knowes its rubbish. They will say anything for votes. Wenger shook hands with a man working for Villar Mir at a game he was commentating on for France TV, but that was it. No agreement and I think Madrid should be punished. They aren’t the club they once were and should get over their faded glories.

  • Rocky7, I do clearly state that wenger denied agreeing anything with madrid but please tell me where he denied meeting them?? Arsene Wenger has never denied having meetings with other clubs or officials & he became good friends with the last madrid president who constantly tapped up vieira. He was also offered the Bayern Munich job a few years back which he turned down. Its the whole reason that wenger never made a fuss of the ashley cole situation with chelsea because he does the same himself it was hill-wood who demanded they be reported!! What I am saying is that regardless of meetings between wenger & anyone its arsenal fc that should be doing something to stop it, not staying as everyone’s doormat!!

  • Hope you reading McChelski! (If you remember him fellas). As we all knew you have no creditability. Chelsea backroom staff my a**e. Like most chelsea fans you probably think football started in 2003! Sorry for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, but those who do must be with me on this one.

  • Arsene Wenger dare not risk leaving arsenal after all he has done … he dare not take the risk to go elsewhere and mess up he has it made here and he knows it … The board love him the fans love him the team love him he has made such a name for hisself he knows leaving the club could leave him in trouble how many managers have real madrid had in the last few years ? have any been successful with the club ? the players there think there bigger than the club

  • I’m asking because i’m not sure, but hasn’t A.W. always worked wothout a contract at Arsenal? I’m only asking, because if he has no contract, then there is nothing (legally) to stop him meeting other clubs representatives. Immoral in principle but not illegal. Apologies if i’m wrong on the contract thing.

  • Ashburton Gooner – Everything you have said is based on assumption. Just because he hasn’t denied meeting with someone that means that he has?!? What if nobody has asked him if he met with anybody? And to say that Wenger taps up players is a very danderous assumption to make.

  • Dein pursued Chelski to court, the problem there was they met Cole in a public place the week before we met them in a top of the table clash. Hill Wood commented afterwards that Arsenal should have left it.

    Arsenal and Dein haven’t commented because they know it’s all rubbish. All the Real candidates have said Cesc will be bought by Real. Ever since Laporta won at Barca promising Beckham candidates see this as the best tactic to win. It amazes me Real members are stupid enough to fall for it.

    Think it’s fun that Chelski and Man Utd are both getting the same treatment Arsenal have had for the last 10 years, and don’t like it.

  • I can see why the world and its mother want AW, I think he loves ARSENAL as much as any fan. After everything he has done, highbury highs, to highbury……. highs and leaving after building the new stadium its too far fetched in my opinion. Good try tho!!!

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