‘I can’t see him being there next year’: Paul Ince voices worries over ‘frustrated’ ace

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Paul Ince has claimed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s negative body language could be a sign that he wants to leave the club.

The Gabon international could only stand by and watch as Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Arsenal 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

Appearing on DAZN’s coverage of the Wolves clash, the former Liverpool man claimed that he can’t see the club captain being at the club next season.

Ince said: “Aubameyang for me is a worry. He looks frustrated. He looks like he’s not getting enough service. If he doesn’t get service – even though he signed a three-year contract- I can’t see him being there next year. I really, really can’t.” (via DAZN)

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Well, if Ince’s claims do turn out to be true then good riddance. This famous football club have had far better players leave in their prime, let alone at the ripe old age of 31-years-old.

It’s not like Aubameyang is performing up to standard in recent games either. In the clash against Nuno Espirito Santo’s side, the Gabonese forward had a mere 23 touches of the ball, failing to impose himself on the game. His lack of effort, as pointed out by Ince, is incredibly worrying and shows he could just be here for the ride as opposed to actually helping the outfit to achieve their goals after signing a £250k-p/w contract extension.

However, the most worrying part of his performances is that he’s the captain. Some members of the team, especially youngsters like Joe Willock, may look at his lack of effort and respond in a similar fashion.

I mean take a look at how competitive the league is at this moment in time, Arsenal simply can’t afford a lack of effort if they are to fight their way back into contention for the top four. If Aubameyang can’t be bothered to perform, letting him leave could well be the best option for both him and the club, especially if the north Londoners can recruit a replacement.

In other news, Rio Ferdinand has lashed out at an Arsenal duo who have failed to step in following Aubameyang’s goal-scoring drought.

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