Date: 10th January 2007 at 1:54am
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In the past four days Arsenal have smashed Liverpool at Anfield TWICE in different competition, but there still maybe Gooners out there, somewhere who are unhappy for whatever reason.

Well Mr. Mustchin is a naturally happy chappy, who will try to bring smiles where ever he goes.

So if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps because the Mrs forced you to give up smoking for the new year, or maybe little rover as been run over (sniff), then let’s try and lighten you mood.

Ten reasons to be cheerful.

1) The mighty Arsenal start 2007 with a bang.

2) The triumphant return of Abou Diaby.

3) Manuel ‘Faulty’ Almunia not so faulty anymore.

4) SIX goals in one match at Anfield……You’re ‘avin a larf aintcha?!?!

5) The Beast wanted a chance, he got four and took them all!!

6) Eliminating ‘Cup Kings’ Liverpool out of two different competitions in four days! (Can we play you every week?)

7) After suffering abuse at the hands of his own, Alex Song grabs a piece of personal glory in the historic 6-3 victory at Anfield.

8) Arsenal get an extra two oppotunities to humiliate Spurs this season.

9) Arsene Wenger guides his extremely young Gunners to their third League cup semi final in four years.

10) SIX goals in one match at Anfield……You’re ‘avin a larf aintcha?!?!

Ok, I realise numbers 4 & 10 are the same, but come on, that’s some result eh!!

Look out Spurs, Arsenal’s nippers are coming for you!


27 Replies to “10 Reasons To Be Cheerful”

  • Horray!
    Walcott and the Gunners are tops! Gerrad must have gone missing again aye? What a way to begin the year! That’s classic.

  • Number Eleven (for the one you double counted…): Aliadiere was smashing and the man o’ the match, showed why Arsene was comfortable letting Stokes go, and hopefully silenced his critics also (the sames ones on Song’s back, no doubt).

  • i hope Wenger plays a strong team at the ***** lane, so we can finish the tie off in the first leg itself..

  • Great performances by Song,Baptista and Aliadiere whom were all under pressure to deliver…Guess Arsene knew a bit more than us gooners…He had backed all 3 and they gave an absolute perfect responce today…Trust Wenger,Arsene Knows…:)

  • thats 3 games against liverpool scoring 12 goals !!! used to be a time we went anfield and held our breath, no more… the kids were brilliant and now i am watching sky sports 1 for the replay this morning, can’t get enough, bring on the tiny totts !

  • Rafa was heard walking around muttering to himself “those pesky kids”. Fantastic performance, be honest boys, how many of you thought we’d get beat in both of those Anfield games? Hold your head in shame, I am.

  • Quite a performance, but Baptista did have a 5th chance, the pen. Also, he looked more like a mouse when he went rollong around on the pitch. Now just do Spurs! See you in Cardiff 🙂

  • baptista needs games westie.. he will come good, you can see he is class. i never expected that score line, far from it.. hope they do the same to spurs

  • Leave off westl. He got caught in the mush with an elbow and went down and he was fouled by Garcia in the second half and went down. Drogba last season went down more often than Monica Lewinski after a bottle of wine. Like a fat dog on a wet lino as they say. I’ve always said to my old man not to judge the Bap until he played in his true position and last night proved what a player he can be.

  • lots of people was negative towards baptista,but i always believed that someone who has come from a different country different league and climate,not fit and not match fit needs a year to settle,after a year come and say hes no good when hes had a run of games and not delivered,well done the beast i always knew you would come good,but he still needs to improve a bit on his touches and passes, lost the ball or gave it away a few times,but that will improve

  • Absolutely gobsmacked by the performance of the kids. Think we all owe Song an apology!!! He had a strong game. Glad he didnt let the boo boys get to him. and what performances by aliadiere & baptista. Traore looks a great prospect esp given his physique & pace. hope wenger keeps baptista and aliadiere. The future is red and bright!! same cant be said of liverpool. ha ha

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